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Personal Stories

Allen reported, “I was broadsiding (handing out broadside-tracts) with Scheffee, when a man walked up and started talking to me. He spoke English well, having lived in the States for a very long time. I could tell that many people had already been talking to him about Yeshua and that he had thought about the issue a lot. He had been to Yom Kippur services recently, knew the Tenach well, and could quote Proverbs 30:4. So I asked him who has established the earth and gathered the waters and he said ‘Adonai’ And then I asked do you know His Son’s name? He answered ‘Absolutely’ I could tell he had a little faith, and told him that God’s gift is only a gift when you receive it. He agreed and we went step-by-step through the proposal statement, and I had the privilege to lead him in a prayer of faith to receive Yeshua.

“About ten minutes later, I struck up a conversation with a 36-year-old doctor. She had seen our banners in Megiddo and said her boyfriend wanted to get ‘one of those testaments’ (Hebrew New Testaments). She signed up to receive the literature, and as she was doing that another woman came by yelling, ‘missionary, missionary.’ She was very angry, but the doctor calmed her down, telling her that ‘we all need to hear and read and decide for ourselves.’ The previously angry woman suddenly changed her attitude and agreed with the doctor. She said, ‘Yes, I will read and decide for myself,’ and she gave me her details as well!”

Daniel Goldstein, who is helping with follow-up, reported, “I answered the phone and the caller was a really nice guy named Avi. Avi told me that he is part of Chabad and that years ago he spent time in Brooklyn with the rebbe (Menachem Schneerson, who many in this sect have thought was the Messiah . . . and many still do though he’s been dead for more than a decade). Avi, who is 63, said he’s truly searching for the Messiah. He called after receiving our flyer in the mail and wanted to get the book about Yeshua. I told him I’d be glad to send it to him and maybe we could discuss these matters more after he begins reading it. He said he’d be glad to. Please pray for Avi!”

Sarah reported, “The same carful of Orthodox guys harassed our people at three different locations: as we were bannering, then while we were clipboarding at the cultural center, as well as at the amphi-park. It was at the park that a bunch of them approached Elli (one of our campaigners) from behind and one of them kicked him really hard. There were police-men around but they were busy directing traffic and didn’t come. More people came to join these guys to harass Elli and me. Then it started to rain and the commotion ended as people disbanded.

“Vicky one of our stewards, was handing out tracts when she noticed a man following her. She prayed that God would protect her and within moments, it started to rain and the man left!”

Tzachi reported, “We were bannering when a car pulled over and two people came out came to bother us. I waved to a police car to stop and the Orthodox guys told the police, ‘These people are missionaries, they are here illegally and it’s dangerous.’ I responded that we were there legally, standing away from traffic, safely on the island. The policeman turned to one of our harassers and said: ‘Take yourself, take your car, take your friends and leave.’ Then the policeman turned back to me and asked me about Yeshua!”

Martha reported, “Today we were on a sortie (tracts-passing expedition) when a religious man came and started to harassing us. As we were handing out tracts and wishing people a Hag Sameach (Happy Holiday, since it was Sukkot), he tried to demean us. He said, ‘What kind of holiday do you have? You’re Christians.’ I tried to have a conversation with him, but he insulted me and yelled ‘Go back to Ethiopia.’ This attracted the attention of a passer-by who then confronted him and asked, ‘And where would you need to go back to?’ I began talking to this lady, whose name was Nurit. I got her contact info as she was very open and wanted to read the New Testament.”

Micha reported, “We had put up a Sukkah (for the Feast of Tabernacles) in the Springs area, and in the morning we were sharing the gospel and talking to people who stopped by. Some religious guys came and tried to tear down the Sukkah and attack us, but a group of secular Israelis came to help and defend us. The Orthodox turned on them and there was quite a fight between them.

“In the afternoon we were bannering but the police said we couldn’t stand in that particular junction. We decided to just move to the next site. It turns out to be a good thing, because that site was near the place where we are staying, and we happened to find our campaign leader’s children who had wandered off! Also at the new site, we had conversations with some of the guys who heard about the fighting in the Springs and wanted to hear more about Yeshua.

“When our team stopped for gasoline, I approached three guys who were sitting outside the station and asked them what they thought about Yeshua. One responded by telling him that he had received a phone call from Daniel the previous day and asked if I was Daniel. I explained that Daniel was a good friend of mine. The man was willing to receive a gospel.”

Paul an Arab believer reported, “I was at the Springs with Micha and afterwards was bannering. I met a bus full of Arabs and shared with five or six girls from the bus. They had heard about the fight at the Springs and asked me, ‘Why didn’t you fight back?’ I was able to explain about our faith and one girl took an New Testament in Arabic.”

Scheffee reported, “While on a sortie I ran into Laura, who had received a New Testament from one of the campaigners the previous week. I shared the whole gospel with her, and although Laura lives as an atheist, she agreed that the gospel makes sense. She promised to check out our website, and get in touch at our office number which she wrote down in the New Testament that she had with her.”

Sara Friedman reported, “A man carrying a metal club wrapped with duct tape for a handle approached Scheffi and me as we were bannering. We rolled up the banner so he used his club to hit my water bottle as hard as he could. I looked him in the eye and said, ‘We are just trying to share a message of love,’ and his face softened. He tapped the rolled up banner and said, ‘This is love?’ We responded, ‘Yes.’ He replied, ‘You shouldn’t be here. Others are coming.’ And he left.”

Yarden reported, “Loren and I were holding a banner across from a prison. A white truck pulled over and a man jumped out and grabbed at Yarden’s end of the banner, leaving his wife in the vehicle. Loren told him that what he was doing was illegal and I spoke to him in a calming manner. He left and returned in the same vehicle, this time with a man. As they began to approach our team, four motorcycle police suddenly appeared, confronted him and sent him away. The police then approached Allen and Liliah, who were holding another banner, and told them not to go in the street. Allen responded in broken Hebrew, ‘Lo ani! Ani auf!’ (Not me! I’m a chicken!) The police laughed and departed. Soon an Egged bus came to the stop; the soldiers on the bus were straining to read the sign. Allen and Liliah turned the banner so they soldiers could read it and see the phone number. Then the bus driver got on the loud speaker and read the phone number so that everyone on the bus could have it!

“Also while bannering, a Russian-speaking man on his cell phone walked by, looked at our banner and said into his telephone, ‘This is the right place.’ I asked him what he meant by that. He explained that his friend had arranged to pick him up near the banner that said ‘Yeshu=Yeshua=Yeshuah!’ I was delighted that they were using our banner as their landmark, and had the opportunity to share the gospel with him.”

Also from Yarden, “We were going door-to-door and the first lady who opened her door to us said that she had already gotten a book. She had received the flyer in the mail, ordered the Yeshua book and the New Testament and had already received them.

“There were many dogs in the area and one was chasing me. I am afraid of dogs so I was having a difficult time. Most people who answered the door said they were busy or not interested-but the lady at the last house we planned to stop at said she was interested. I was so surprised by the positive response that I kept checking to be sure she knew who we were talking about. She assured me that she did-she had seen our people in their Jews for Jesus shirts holding banners at the junctions and found the subject of Jesus very interesting.

“We ended the afternoon at the gas station, I offered people the book as they were filling their cars with gas. One man said, ‘No thanks, I am religious – but ask my wife. She might be interested.’ I talked to her about Yeshua, and I felt like she was really open.” [Editor: this was an unusual interaction because most Orthodox Jews who aren’t interested would not want us to speak to any of their family members.]

Yarden continued, “In the evening we were in the park with our clipboards. I met a woman, who said, ‘I got your pamphlet and I ordered a book. I already received it. I like the way that you operate, your gentle way and that fact that you don’t push your ideas on people when they say they aren’t interested.”


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