Massah Mobile is on the move once again… soon they will be going to Thailand. David Brickner and his personal assistant, Steve Wertheim, will be with the team in Thailand for four days next week. Please pray that the time together will be mutually edifying and useful for the continued growth and development of this evangelistic adventure.

Last month Rachelle Trank gave a good overview of the team’s ministry while Isaac Brickner and Remy Remmigio gave on-location reports.

This month we have a few photos and another reflection/report from Remy to help you know how to pray for this team.

What it Means to Succeed
As the first Mobile team our purpose out here is multi-dimensional. Not only is our goal to reach traveling Israelis across the traveler scene of Asia, but also to scout, document, and report our experiences back to the greater Massah leadership for further ministry opportunities. So far we have really only shared with you, our supporters and partners in ministry, the encouraging and inspirational testimonies of our time spent out here on the field. I think it is important to not only tell those truly empowering and securing stories, but also where and when we find ourselves in a stagnant place, and feel that we might be failing. No one loves to hear these, and even less do people enjoy sharing their testaments of failure, but I am reminded that trying and failing is one of our purposes in being here, doing what we are doing.

We have been in Nepal for about two weeks now. It is the first time Massah has moved ministry efforts outside of India and Israel. As we disclaimed in earlier posts, we arrived here with Israeli friends and had very good gospel interactions with them. When those friends left Katmandu to journey out on a trek, we found ourselves having no one and no clue. The Nepal traveler-scene is different from that of India and we could not find a way to interact with people. It was the very first time that our ministry here had to be adapted and reevaluated to suit a different environment; we had become so used to India and the ease of that environment. For a week or so, we pressed in and did what we could, checking different cafes and restaurants trying to find where all the Israelis could be. We saw Israelis, we knew they were around, but how to connect was the question because we usually have some venue, one or many spots where they congregate. Coming to the end of our second week, just before when we had decided to leave Katmandu, after playing a few shows and meeting a few friends and sharing with them, we finally found it. Yeah, that’s right, two weeks in. A restaurant we had passed by many times, and never entered; had thought of trying and never doing so. After a Shabbat dinner on Friday at the Chabbad house, we joined the few Israeli friends for a real dinner at a place they suggested. The place was littered with Israelis; it was overwhelming after our situational drought. The next morning we ate there for breakfast, and later again for dinner. At breakfast I got into two different conversations, and I was so thankful and anxious after not having opportunities for so long.

In discussing our pitfall of missing the restaurant for almost two weeks and beating ourselves up a little bit, we realized how we had to let it go and press on. It was unfortunate that we weren’t able to use that time for the purposes that we wanted, in the ways that we wanted, it is okay that we tried and failed; or (depending on how you want to swing it semantically) our failure in this pursuit is always a success. Yes, in the future I hope we can be better at seeking out where our ministry field is, but while we were floundering about trying to figure out our next move and where to be, we were forced to cry out to God and press into His Spirit. Not such a bad thing. God is glorified, and reminds us of our inabilities…

Practically: We located the Israeli-inhabited areas of Katmandu. CHECK. Feel a bit silly about how long it took, and are feeling humbled. CHECK. Have moved onto a new area of Nepal and are praying to not “succeed” in the same way. CHECK. Are so thankful for your prayers and encouragement. FACT.

Much love, Remy


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