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This is where we bear one another’s burdens and share one another’s joys: the passing of Eliezer Urbach, prayer request for Moishe Rosen, updates on Behold Your God Israel and Massah.

Bearing one another’s burdens

Eliezer Urbach

This month Eliezer Urbach passed into the presence of the Lord. Eliezer was known and loved by many Jews for Jesus staff. He died of kidney failure on October 3. A committed Jewish believer in Jesus, Eliezer Urbach is considered one of the patriarchs of the Messianic Jewish movement and has had an influence on countless Jewish people who have come to know Jesus as Messiah. Please pray for comfort for family and friends as they mourn his passing.

You can learn more about Eliezer Urbach here.

Moishe Rosen

Moishe Rosen, who deeply felt Eliezer’s passing, would have written about him for this edition of RealTime. Unfortunately, he learned of Eliezer’s passing shortly after he (Moishe) was admitted to the hospital for what turned out to be a serious intestinal blockage. The cause of the blockage has been surgically corrected and his recovery is progressing well at this time.

Please pray for Moishe to be able to leave the hospital soon, for his healing, and for protection against infection. Please pray for his family and close friends too, as his condition weighs heavily on so many who love him.

Behold Your God Jezreel Valley

Dan Sered, director of our work in Israel, reported:

Dear Prayer partners,

The Jezreel valley campaign is officially over. By God’s grace we have completed a third of BYG Israel (we have completed four campaigns and we have eight campaigns left). We praise God for your stand with us—on your knees in prayer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Most of the impact that we had for the kingdom of God can’t be quantified and reported to you all. The number of people that saw our t-shirts, the number of people that were touched by the way that we handled opposition and returned love for hate etc… I can report some statistics but please remember that every number represents a person. During the campaign we had 1,180 calls coming into our office. Most of these were as a result of bannering. We handed out 9,300 gospel tracts, attempted 7,855 phone calls and connected with 3,421 of those people we called. We got the contact information of 684 Jewish Israelis who told us they wanted to know more about Yeshua. We also got the contact information of 117 unsaved Gentiles who showed interest in Jesus, most of these are Arabs. Praise the Lord for the three Jewish decisions that we had. The angels in heaven are rejoicing and are we.

As the campaign drew to a close we had our Russian concert in the town of Afula. Many were praying for this event. There were 100 unsaved Russian-speaking Jews there. Everyone heard the gospel loud and clear. Some responded by walking out during the story times, but by the end of the concert, 65 still remained. We had a table filled with Russian literature for people to take for free and by the end of the evening it was almost empty. I guess that if I had to describe this event in one word it would be “hunger.” The people were hungry to get literature and to hear the Good News.

All of us here on campaign want you to know how much we appreciate you and your prayers. Below is a picture of our campaigners and stewards. If we could we would have added your picture as well. You were a vital part of the team.

Prayer requests:
  • We filed two police complaints against those who assaulted us. Pray for justice that will deter future assaults.
  • Pray that during our follow-up efforts, we will see more Israelis come to faith in Jesus.
  • Pray for the three Jewish people that came to faith during the two-week campaign.
  • Prep for our campaigns next year. Pray for wisdom for the leaders as they begin to work hard on planning and strategizing.

Click here for more photos and personal stories from the campaign.


Massah Mobile is on the move once again . . . soon they will be going to Thailand. [Full story]


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