Jewish Facts of Life

This month’s Jewish facts center on Israel. See how many answers you can come up with to the following questions . . .

The Western Wall:

1) What is the weight of the heaviest stone discovered in the Western Wall?
Answer: Between 500-570 tons

2) What type of stone is the Wall built with?
Answer: Limestone

3) What was the function of the Western Wall in regards to the Temple?
Answer: Retaining Wall


1) What was Israel’s number one agricultural export in 2001?
Answer: Flowers

2) Kibbutz Hazerim developed an efficient way to save water. What is it?
Answer: Drip Irrigation

3) Name two types of community settlements that were established as farming communities?
Answer: Kibbutz and Moshav

1) Why is immigrating to Israel called Aliyah?
Answer: Ascension, practiced in ancient times in going up to the Temple three times a year

2) From what two countries were the most amounts of new immigrants absorbed into Israel?
Answer: Morocco and Russia

3) What is the organization based in Israel that promotes Aliyah?
Answer: The Jewish Agency for Israel

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