Eliezer Urbach

The following is an excerpt from a legacy page UMJC has set up for Eliezer.

“Eliezer was a mentor and inspiration to countless younger Messianic Jews and friends of the Messianic Jewish community. Born in Poland on December 7, 1921, he and his brother escaped his homeland just ahead of Hitler’s invasion in 1939. Eliezer was eventually conscripted into the Red Army, which joined the Allied powers in defeating Hitler. Eliezer returned home to find his entire family and community destroyed, and soon had to flee Poland again, this time to escape the Soviet occupation. He made his way to Israel, where he served in the War of Independence in 1948, and married Sara, who had also arrived in Israel from Poland years earlier. Eventually the Urbachs left Israel for Brazil. The sojourn in Brazil was brief, but there Eliezer came to believe in Yeshua as the promised Messiah. When the Urbachs returned to Israel, they became part of the tiny Jewish remnant of Messianic believers living in the land.

“After several years, the Urbachs relocated, first to Canada and then to New York to serve with Chosen People Ministries (CPM). In 1970 CPM assigned the Urbachs to Denver, which became the base of ministry and influence for Eliezer for the rest of his life. This was a period of spiritual awakening among young people throughout the country, including many young Jews. Eliezer had lost his family in the Nazi Holocaust and now he found a new family in Messiah, becoming a mentor and father figure to countless young Messianic Jews and an icon in the emerging Messianic Jewish community. Eliezer combined a passion for the good news of Messiah with a deep and abiding love for the Jewish people, which helped many who became leaders within the UMJC to embrace a vision of Jewish congregations for Yeshua.”


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