High Holiday services:

We did have Jewish seekers at many of our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services around the world. Agnes, a Hungarian Jew, came to faith at our Rosh Hashanah service in Sydney.

We also asked you to pray regarding the television interview MSNBC did with David Brickner regarding the Jews for Jesus/Sarah Palin "connection." We said, "Pray that if the tape was edited with the purpose of perpetuating misinformation, that it will not make it on the air. But please also pray that if David’s gospel statements were left intact, the public will have the opportunity to hear it." To our knowledge the interview was not aired but a brief portion of the transcript was put on the MSNBC website.

Thanks for praying for the Olson baby to be safely delivered. You can see the new baby along with her mom under Jews for Jesus news.