RealTime October 2008

A note from David Brickner: EXTREGELISM
October 1, 2008

Last week I saw a new movie—Religulous.” Believe me, I would not have spent time or money on this film, but inasmuch as Bill Maher interviewed someone identified as an “ex-Jew for Jesus,” I felt responsible to see what, if anything, was said about our ministry.”

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Incident from Behold Your God Israel Campaign

Tuvya and Angelina, crowded and surrounded, but unprovoked one of the opposition calls for reinforcements while another realizes he is being photographed Tuvya makes a call hoping the police will intervene Dan and Ofer (in red T-shirts) surrounded Kiryat Shmoneh is a...

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Jewish Facts of Life

It’s easy to rejoice over happy occasions but God does not want us to limit our rejoicing to those times when it comes naturally. Even before the New Testament command to “Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4). God...

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Jews for Jesus News

Here’s where we bear one another’s sorrows and share one another’s joys; it’s also where you can find out what’s going on with our Behold Your God Israel campaign in the Upper Galilee region (including photos), download a Halloween broadside, find out about the latest media interview, our recent outreach in Warsaw and the upcoming outreach in Sydney.

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Behold Your God Israel: the Upper Galilee campaign

One passerby wants to know, “Ma zeh?” (What is this?) Two girls share one of our gospel broadsides… but most read them on their own. Talking with a homeless man about Jesus. Campaigners had many animated conversations… …some of which led...

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In Other News

The Berlin Declaration on the Uniqueness of Christ and Jewish Evangelism Today” continues to draw response, and what some people want to know about Yechiel Eckstein’s fund-raising”

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Thank You For Praying

High Holiday services: We did have Jewish seekers at many of our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services around the world. Agnes, a Hungarian Jew, came to faith at our Rosh Hashanah service in Sydney. We also asked you to pray regarding the television interview MSNBC...

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Sneak Peek
Topics: sneak peek

Next month’s (print) newsletter includes: an article by David Brickner titled L’Dor v’dor: From Generation to Generation; a two-page article on things for which we at Jews for Jesus are thankful; a biblical chart comparing sin offerings with...

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