Recently the editor’s picks were our children’s cassette recordings, Yeladim for Yeshua” and “You Gotta Jump.” As a result we had inquiries as to whether these were available on CD. Unbeknown to the editor at the time, we were just in the process of putting BOTH those recordings on a double CD titled “Jewish Kids Celebrate Jesus”! You can order the double CD, which includes a songbook for each of the two recordings for only $18 at: Such a deal!

And for those who are looking for a good read, this month’s recommended deal is titled, “Bound for the Promised Land,” and tells the heart-warming story of the first American Messianic Jewish couple to immigrate (make aliyah) to Israel. This true adventure story tells how the couple met, as well as how they fell in love with Jesus and then with one another. And, can you believe, the book is only $7.50?

For more information and/or to order, go to: