No, we are not endorsing movies these days, but we thought you might be interested to know that Jews for Jesus is mentioned in the newly released film titled, In Her Shoes.

One of our friends wrote: A friend from work just told me about a movie she saw last week. The movie is called In Your Shoes starring Shirley MacLaine.

“It’s about two sisters whose stepmother is always comparing them to her own biological daughter who the stepmother thinks is ‘perfect’. The two sisters have always heard how much better the stepsister is than they are. They move to Florida to get away from the situation and to find their grandmother. So it is with great delight that the sisters hear that their stepmother is having problems with her would be perfect daughter Marcy, because she has ‘joined Jews for Jesus.'”

It’s not the first time that Jews for Jesus has been used in pop culture comedy and we hope it won’t be the last. Because while the jokes imply that a Jewish parent could experience nothing worse than having her Jewish child believe in Jesus, they are still letting people know that some Jews are indeed for Jesus. It couldn’t hurt!

This was adapted from an earlier Jews for Jesus article published October 1, 2005.