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Mal Monroe reports, Our team was at San Diego State University handing out broadsides and flyers for the Survivor Stories video we were showing on campus that evening. We had 22 people give their names and addresses to hear more about Jesus. The highlight for me was that two young Gentile students saw their need for Jesus as Savior and Lord. They prayed with me to be saved, all in the space of less than ten minutes…Hallelujah!”

Rob Wertheim reports, “I was cold calling, and came across a Jewish man named Donald who seemed open to discuss spiritual things. I invited him to a showing of the Survivors Stories film, but Donald said he wouldn’t have time, since he and his wife were packing, preparing to move out of state. When I asked if he would be open to receiving a copy of the film to view in his home, he said, ‘Yes!’

I stopped by and we ended up discussing spiritual matters for about 25 minutes. Donald assured me that he would view the film and he allowed me to pray for him. Please pray for Donald’s salvation.”

Steve Zober reports, “A Jewish college student told me how he was confused about what to believe, since he is getting conflicting messages from his religious Jewish mom and his Gentile Christian dad. We spoke for a while and I prayed with him. He seemed close to deciding to follow Jesus as his Messiah—please pray for him.”

Also from Steve, “One guy screamed at me, ‘You are ruining two religions.’ I asked my daughter, who had joined us to do evangelism for the weekend, what she thought I could have said in return. She said without hesitating: ‘I guess I am just an overachiever.’ I laughed so hard! It helps to have a sense of humor in the face of rejection.”

Marie Preyer reports: “When I handed Henry a broadside he stood there transfixed. He said something like, ‘OK, wow, oh man, I just can’t believe it.’ He went on to explain that I was the sixth person in the past few days to tell him that Jesus loved him. He is 21 years old and had been sleeping on the beach for a few days. He said that someone shared God’s love, brought him a meal and gave him a tract. He threw away the tract and then the next day we were there. He asked, ‘Is God trying to tell me something?’ We got his information and hope to stay in contact with him. Please pray that the next (seventh) person who tells Henry about Jesus will reap the harvest of the seeds that have been sown.”

The cook and kitchen team were cleaning up when a wide-eyed, somewhat bewildered and nervous lady appeared in the dining area. She had come through the back door of the church which said, “Jews for Jesus Team Entrance.” When the stewards asked if they could help her, Sharon asked for the church office and explained that someone at the church had called, having found something of hers. We called one of the church staff who led her to the office. He later said that she was following about 10 steps behind him asking, “Who are these Jews for Jesus, anyway?” She had heard about us from her rabbi at the synagogue the day before. Travis explained what we were doing and began to witness to her about Yeshua. He said that she looked as though she had stumbled into a bat cave. Her car had been broken into, her purse stolen and then discarded in front of the church. After she claimed her belongings and left, our chef and kitchen crew prayed for Sharon. As they said, “Most of the time we go out to reach Jewish people, but by God’s appointment He brought one to us.”


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