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Meir Cohen reports, I was tired and needed encouragement when a man joyfully approached me. One of our tracts had found its way to his office. It then found its way to his floor (one of the higher floors in the building). A friend saw it and handed it to him. The man then came looking for us because he had been praying for nearly eight years that Jews would come to France with the gospel. Needless to say, we were both encouraged.”

Also from Meir, “A Jewish man by the name of Olivier approached me and fseemed very interested in God. He wanted to know what the Bible says about Jesus. I explained the gospel. He then asked me to explain how I, as a formerly religious Jew, could believe in Christ. As I answered him I felt led to ask if he would be willing to pray to receive the Lord, now that he knows what Jesus did for him. As I spoke to him the Holy Spirit fell upon him and he agreed, so I saw my Jewish brother receive his Messiah.”

Sabrina Babin reports, “As I handed out my tracts, I was aggressed by some rowdy youth. I began to pray for the Holy Spirit to fill me. When I resumed handing out my tracts I began saying ‘Shalom’ instead of ‘Bonjour.’ This attracted an Israeli couple. The wife was not interested, but the husband was. As I spoke to him he kept wanting to know more. Finally, I asked if he wanted to receive the Lord. He responded positively, but I wanted to be sure, so I tested him and asked him if he was really sure and serious about following Christ. When he affirmed his initial reaction again we prayed for his salvation.”

Moshe Shuai reports, “I met a French Jew by the name of Josu?. He quickly told me that he believes in Yeshua. I was taken aback and asked him why he believed. He replied that it was due to the good things that He said. I affirmed his point and rejoiced at the way the Holy Spirit has been leading him, but persisted and told him that the center of our faith is that Jesus made it possible for us to have forgiveness for our sins by dying on a cross and rising from the dead. He received this and consequently prayed with me, asking for forgiveness of sins and receiving the Lord of Lords as the Lord of his life.”

Keren Ginossar joined the Paris campaign from Israel and had many opportunities to witness to other Israelis who were on holiday. One such person, Sofia, was very open to the gospel. Keren and Sofia struck up a friendship almost immediately and Sofia wanted very much to stay in touch. Pray that when they see one another again in Israel, Keren will be able to lead Sofia to the Messiah.


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