RealTime October 2004

The Real Jews for Jesus
October 1, 2004

I don’t want to mislead you-and frankly, the number of good things happening in Jews for Jesus can be misleading. Many people have a mis-impression about our ministry-a misimpression that I don’t want to contribute to, but am not sure how to correct....

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Trip to Israel for Jewish Believers Aged 18-24

Are you a Jewish believer, aged 18-24, with at least one more year of college? If so, think about coming with Jews for Jesus on Project Joshua”! This is a study/discipleship/evangelism excursion where you’ll have a chance to meet other Jewish believing...

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Coming Soon to PAX-TV: Faith Under Fire

Among many interesting topics discussed, see Tuvya Zaretsky, leader of Jews for Jesus Los Angeles branch, in a television debate with Rabbi Tovia Singer, a well known anti-missionary.” “Faith Under Fire” will air Saturday October 23rd for one hour,...

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It’s tough when your kids, grandkids or just kids you care about want to join in a holiday that may cause you to feel ambivalent at best. Some Christians believe that any meanings that may once have been attached to the costumes and trick-or-treating” have...

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People are still talking about the Washington D.C. and San Diego campaigns, even though they are over. For interesting comments from a Jewish source on the D.C. campaign, check out this page. Also, the October edition of the San Diego Jewish Journal was filled with...

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Daylight Savings
Topics: broadsides

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back for daylight savings time before you go to bed on Saturday night, October 30, plus we have a tract for the...

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BYG San Diego Stories

Mal Monroe reports, Our team was at San Diego State University handing out broadsides and flyers for the Survivor Stories video we were showing on campus that evening. We had 22 people give their names and addresses to hear more about Jesus. The highlight for me was...

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BYG Paris Stories

Meir Cohen reports, I was tired and needed encouragement when a man joyfully approached me. One of our tracts had found its way to his office. It then found its way to his floor (one of the higher floors in the building). A friend saw it and handed it to him. The man...

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