As you receive this, the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is in progress. Sukkot, along with two holidays that follow closely on its heels, ends Sunday October 19. This holiday commemorates God’s presence and His provision and is a time that Jesus not only celebrated, but used to explain who He is.

Find out more about Sukkot!

For a list of Sukkot recipes, try:
There are dozens of Sukkot dishes! Who knew? Try the Moroccan chicken, the Avocados Stuffed with Fruit, or the Hearts of Lulav (Palm) Salad. And who says you can’t make them even after Sukkot is over?

Then while relaxing over dessert, it’s a perfect time to listen to exotic Sukkot music and services from Jewish communities around the world such as India, Afghanistan, Yemen and of course, Israel. Go to:
Unfortunately, there are no notes explaining the music, but it is worth listening to just to sample the amazing variety of Jewish music that exists.