Behold Your God Dallas campaign going on NOW

*Behold Your God is Jews for Jesus’ vision to reach every city (outside of Israel) where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people.

Thus far, in just the first few days of the campaign, we have distributed 28,350 gospel broadsides. Nine unbelieving Jewish people and 25 unbelieving Gentiles have agreed to hear more about Jesus. Four Gentiles have prayed to receive the Lord.

Two of the four people who have prayed to receive the Lord thus far were people we met getting on or off of trains. Alan Bond jokingly suggested that we quit handing out tracts and just ride the trains around all day…

Karen was on a sortie (tract-passing expedition) on a college campus when she tried to hand a tract to someone who was talking on a cell phone. He waved her away, but when he finished his conversation, he tracked her down to talk. He is Jewish and is dating a Christian. They have been going to a local church, but he said that he did not like the church and wanted to find one where he could really find out who Jesus is. [We think we know some churches in Dallas that fit that description!] Karen got contact information and gave him the New Testament she had with her. He agreed to read it.

The authorities have chased us out of a number of places including train stations and colleges. But God has blessed us at DART stations and on college campuses today (Wednesday October 15). We got a legal opinion from the city attorney about the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) stations with a follow-up call from a police lieutenant who received the fax of that opinion. He said he had put the word out to his people to leave us alone. Pray that will be the case, and for free speech to prevail.

And, on the college campuses today:

David Rothstein was on the 4-C” campus (a local community college) where he “happened” to run into someone from the Baptist Student Union. The Union was just about to start its weekly meeting and wanted David to speak to the group for a few minutes so they could pray for us.

Terry and Beverly were on the campus of Brookhaven College where they found Christians who were excited to see Jews for Jesus. It turns out that next Tuesday there will be a campus presentation given by the local Holocaust Center. One of the Christians is speaking to the faculty advisor for their group about possibly showing our Survivor Stories video in conjunction with this. Please pray about that and also for details to come together for another public showing of this evangelistic video of Holocaust survivors who came to faith in Jesus.


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