RealTime October 2003

Books We Could Do Without
October 1, 2003

King Solomon wrote, …Of making many books there is no end…” (Ecclesiastes 12:12) How true, and many of those books profit those who write them, but not those who read them. Books can be powerful. Some shape attitudes for generations to come, and not always for...

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Behold Your God Dallas campaign going on NOW

*Behold Your God is Jews for Jesus’ vision to reach every city (outside of Israel) where there are 25,000 or more Jewish people. Thus far, in just the first few days of the campaign, we have distributed 28,350 gospel broadsides. Nine unbelieving Jewish people...

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Sample pages from Witnessing to Jews by Moishe and Ceil Rosen
Topics: real deals

This book will help you understand why Jewish people respond in certain ways to the gospel. With plenty of background information as well as practical suggestions on how to” Witnessing to Jews is sure to build the confidence you need to talk to your Jewish...

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