The New Frontier of Jewish Evangelism

When Jews for Jesus held its first Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York City in 1974, we never imagined that one day we might launch a campaign entirely in cyberspace! But that’s exactly what SHINE, an online campaign reaching European Jews, will be.

SHINE will take place during Hanukkah 2016 (Dec 24 – Jan 1) and will use multiple online platforms to engage with the estimated 1.4 million* Jewish people who live in Europe today.

SHINE is the brainchild of our Berlin branch leader, Aaron Lewin, who has already had success connecting with Jewish people he has met through social media. Just recently, Aaron connected with Alon**, whom he met through Facebook. Aaron said:

The first time we met, I realized that it was no accident that I had happened to see his post among the thousand others on Facebook. Alon is seriously seeking God and is very close to the Kingdom. At our second meeting, he asked if we could read the Bible together and we’ve been doing just that on a weekly basis ever since. As we looked at passages from the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures) like Isaiah 53 and Jeremiah 31, it was clear to me that Alon understood the concept of the gospel perfectly. “I don’t need to be convinced that Jesus is the Messiah!” he said. When I asked him what was preventing him from putting his faith in Yeshua, he told me that he was afraid. Afraid to step out and trust Jesus with his life. Please pray that Yeshua would reveal Himself to Alon!”

What better time than Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, to share with our Jewish people that our Light, the Messiah, has come (Isaiah 60:1)!

We need your prayers as we plan and strategize during the eight weeks leading up to the SHINE campaign. Subscribe to RealTime to make sure you receive campaign updates and a final report!

*Jerusalem Post

**Not his real name


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