Jews for Jesus exists is to challenge both individuals and the Jewish community at large to consider the real Jesus. Many of our Jewish people have been misinformed about who Jesus is, and what the Hebrew Scriptures teach about the promised Messiah. Some, like Will* in Baltimore, are earnestly seeking the truth when they reach out to us.

Will called our Washington D.C. branch a few months ago, looking for a group of like-minded people with whom he could affiliate. When Will was growing up his Cuban Jewish mother had converted to Catholicism, but as an adult he had returned to Judaism. Will’s wife Angie*, is a Mexican Jewish woman who had also been raised in Christianity, but together they had decided to become Modern Orthodox.

Lynn McCoy, a missionary in the D.C. branch, followed up with Will and Angie. Will told Lynn that after years of studying the Talmud (the central text in Rabbinic Judaism), he could no longer reconcile what he knew to be true about Jesus, and what the Talmud taught about Messiah.

Lynn asked Will what he believed, and he was quick to tell her that Jesus is the Messiah, and the Son of God. “But,” she asked, “Do you believe that Jesus is God?” He response was a decisive, “No.”  So Will and Lynn made plans for the following week to get together and discuss the Trinity.

When Lynn met with Will and Angie around their kitchen table, they began to read Isaiah 9:6. Lynn asked the couple, How a son being born could be called “Eternal Father” as well? They hesitantly agreed that that verse does speak of one who would be both Son and God.

Lynn later said of that conversation, “Will’s hesitation was based on his desire not to elevate anyone above God. He spoke as someone who wants a true relationship with our Lord, and is seeking after truth.”

Lynn and Will continued to meet regularly and just two weeks later, Will came to the conclusion that the truth was that Jesus is both God and Son. Now, he continues to be discipled by another member of our D.C. staff, David Liebman, and together they are planning his baptism.

Pray for Will’s continued spiritual growth and read more stories of Jewish people who have encountered the real Jesus.

*Not their real names