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Russian is by far the most used non-official native language in Israel. As of 2013, over a million former residents of Post-Soviet countries have immigrated to Israel. And although Hebrew courses are offered by the state, about 26 percent of Russian immigrants do not speak fluent Hebrew.

Valery and Tatyana Bolotov, Russian-speaking missionaries in our Tel Aviv branch, have a passion to bring the gospel message to their fellow Israelis, as well as to bless the immigrant community by meeting their real needs. And so they have recently offered as a part of their ministry the free gift of Hebrew classes for Russian speakers.

Valery reported: Our main goal and purpose is to reach people with the gospel through these classes. Already during the first meeting we realized that there were people attending who wanted to know more about God. God gave us the opportunity to meet with some of them and to share with them the good news.”

Valery and Tatyana lead a Hebrew class for Russian speaking immigrants

Valery and Tatyana lead a Hebrew class for Russian speaking immigrants

Valery’s wife Tatyana has been getting together with a woman named Valentina*, whom she met through the class. Tatyana said that, “When Valentina heard about our classes and that we were Jews who believe in Jesus, she asked me to tell her more about our faith and to help her to think through some of her fears.”

We are excited to see how God will continue to work as we reach out to bless the Russian Israeli community by meeting this need for language education. We are reminded of the words of our Messiah Jesus, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

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*Not her real name


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