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10 Jewish people and 13 Gentiles have prayed to receive Yeshua so far! 279 Jewish people who don’t know the Lord have given contact info to hear more about Jesus. The team has handed out more than 114,000 gospel broadsides. Meanwhile, we have teams following up and doing drop-in visits: so far they have met with 59 people!

Here are some stories to encourage you and keep you praying for God to pour out His Spirit throughout this campaign:

Michael, a volunteer, reports, “Last year during the Moscow campaign I began a conversation with a woman (not Jewish) who was selling various items. At first, she was angry. But two minutes later she came back and asked me to pray for her because she had a headache. I prayed and it stopped. She was so amazed that she said, ‘Praise God!’ After that she agreed to pray one more time, and she surrendered her life to Jesus.  This year I had a sortie (tract-passing expedition) in the same place, and I saw the same woman. She recognized me, and it was wonderful to hear that she continues to grow in her faith at a local Baptist church. Praise God for the fruit that He allows us to see!”

Also from Michael, “Often when I talk to Jewish people, I see they are afraid to give their contact information. I have developed a few responses that often put them more at ease. I was talking to one man, hoping to get his contact information. He was refusing my best attempts. I stopped trying and offered to pray for him. He agreed, so I did. After the prayer he changed. His heart melted, the fear was gone and he wanted to give me his contact information. Always remember, prayer is the best and the most powerful way to drive away fear.”

Anatoli reports, “I had just visited one young Jewish woman and was about to leave, when I saw the elevator doors opening. An elderly Jewish woman that I’d visited in a different part of the city the day before stepped out. Imagine my surprise when the younger woman I’d just visited greeted her, saying: ‘Hi, mom!’”

Daniel, a volunteer, reports, “I was putting tracts under windshield wipers, feeling bad that I probably wouldn’t get to speak to anyone, when I saw a man who seemed to be Jewish and approached him. He was very sincere and we had a nice conversation. I shared the gospel with him and prayed for him. Then he told me a bit about his life and how he’d had a few heart attacks but, miraculously, was still alive. I told him that there are no coincidences and that God has a plan for him. I shared the gospel and asked if he’d ever prayed to receive Jesus in his life. He said no and agreed to pray. It was the first time since I’m volunteering with Jews for Jesus that I got to lead someone in a profession of faith!”

Norma, a volunteer, reports, “I asked God to allow me to lead someone to Yeshua. Soon after, I met a group of four young women. I shared the gospel with all of them and they responded by saying they understood they were sinners and believed what I said about Jesus. When I asked, two of them agreed to pray and let Jesus enter in their lives. Of the two, one gave me her contact information, and she was Jewish.”

Natasha reports, “I and one other sister took the database and did cold-calling. As a result of phoning people, we met ten Jewish people willing to hear more from us, and two older Jewish women prayed to receive Jesus! Praise God!”

Dmitri reports, “I was phoning to follow up people who gave their contact information, and got to speak to Lev, who said he attends the synagogue regularly. When I invited him to our Shabbat meeting, he refused, saying that he can’t drive on Shabbat and we were too far away for him to walk. Then I asked him if he is still interested in knowing more about Yeshua. When he said yes, I offered him to meet him the following week to have a coffee and talk. He agreed. Please pray for Lev’s heart to be open.

“A Jewish woman called our office after getting our tract in the morning. She said she called because the person that gave her the tract was so extremely nice that it left her amazed. She promised to come to our Shabbat meeting.”

Please continue to pray for more salvations and fruitful follow-up in Moscow!


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