You might say that the gospel is in the bag—or rather on it—this Black Friday with creative ways to reach out to shoppers, Jews for Jesus style. Our evangelists have already been out offering hot chocolate and free gift-wrapping; we hope you’ll be praying for the people who stop and talk to us as we do our best to bless them and share a word about the Lord. In San Francisco we decided to try a few new things for our holiday outreach, including giving away shopping bags that have been stenciled and spray-painted with our logo. (In San Francisco, merchants charge ten cents per bag, so free bags are a great way to bless people.) We will also have more traditional gospel outreach, including our usual array of literature, some of which you can read and download here. Please pray for our branches throughout the U.S. as we reach out on Black Friday, and for our branches throughout the world as we make extra efforts to reach people on the streets in the days leading up to Hanukkah and Christmas.

Shopping bag photo by Arielle Rothbard, NYC outreach photos by Rachel Friedlander and Chicago hot chocolate photo by Annie Lee.