RealTime November 2014

Thanksgiving greetings from David Brickner who is recently returned from ministry in the UK (see pics of our London branch’s new location!) and Israel. Enjoy the pics of new staff and the video footage of David as he led a tour of the Holy Land.

Next Generation Investors
November 26, 2014

This month saw the 6th annual meeting of the Children’s, Youth & Young Adult ministries of Jews for Jesus. We’re talking about people who serve behind the scenes and who also dive headfirst into the action when it comes to investing in the next generation of Jews for Jesus.

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Tag Team Evangelism
November 19, 2014

Remember when we asked you to pray for fruit from our Sukkot campus outreach? Here is a cool answer to prayer! Please read and share the full story so lots of people will pray for this new brother:

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Real-life parables
November 14, 2014

Our executive director, David Brickner, spoke to our Israeli staff from Luke 15; after the meeting one of our interns had a “Luke 15 moment” on his way home. Read and share what happened:

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Art Festival outreach
November 12, 2014

Art is a wonderful way to connect with people for gospel conversations.
There are so many artistic and art-related ways to witness, including showing up at art festivals with a smile and a post card or pamphlet that invites people to consider how to have a relationship with the Creator of the universe.

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Tea at the MRC
November 6, 2014

17 were expected, but 47 arrived at our women’s Tea at the Moishe Rosen Center in Israel! “I can’t stay long” said one unbeliever, but she did.

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Victory Parade
November 5, 2014

Giants fans didn’t mind the rain at the victory parade last Friday, and neither did we as we greeted thousands with the gospel. See and share the tract with the full story:

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