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Jews for Jesus in New York post Hurricane Sandy

Thanks to those who prayed for our staff on the East Coast during hurricane Sandy. Our DC branch fared well; most of the action was in New York City where:

  • Our team of missionaries handed out hot chocolate and tea in the name of Jesus and also went door-to-door checking on elderly residents in a high-rise apartment in the neighborhood.
  • One of our staff members was evacuated and displaced for about a week because of the “dangling crane”
  • Trees fell around but not on top of the Moskowitz home in Brooklyn

Click here for more photos and the full stories.

Fans of the Giants but followers of Jesus

Click here for more photos, the full story on the Giants outreach(es) and downloads of the gospel tracts we gave to Giants fans.

Why we go to New Age Festivals

There’s no doubt that New Age Festivals are bastions of false and dangerous teachings, often promoted by well-meaning people who have no idea of the forces they are dealing with. And these festivals are attended by people who are earnestly seeking truth and meaning as well as physical, emotional and spiritual health. That’s why it’s so important for us to have a presence in such places and to reach out to those who are genuinely seeking. “Mind Body Spirit” gives us the opportunity to do just that. “Mind Body Spirit” is the name of the ever popular (New Age) festival in Sydney, Australia. This year it took place from November 8-11. In the midst of tarot readings, medium “consultants,” crystals and kabbalah, Jews for Jesus always has a booth called “The Yeshua Alternative.” It’s an opportunity to be a light shining in the darkness. Rahel Landrum, who has organized this outreach for the past four years, reports… Full Story and Photos

Jews for Jesus in Cologne

Did you know that Cologne is the oldest major city (and the fourth largest) in Germany? Leonid Dolganovsky, who leads our work in Germany, reported, “We started our one-week campaign in Cologne here on October 6.  We prayed for good weather; good spiritual and physical health for the team and especially for those who were doing this sort of outreach for the first time ever. We hoped to hand out 35,000 broadsides and connect with 100 people who would be interested enough to give their contact information. By the end of the campaign (October 13) we had handed out 43,050 broadside tracts, and had contact information from 147 unbelievers (eight were Jewish) and 50 believers. Two Gentiles prayed with us to receive the Lord.

Some team members were quite creative in how they engaged people. For example, volunteer Dima said: “Many people refused to take a tract from me and spoke rudely to me. So the next time this happened, I loudly said, “YES!” to the man who had refused. He did not expect it and stopped dead in his tracks. I decided to use this pause and told him, ‘Since you’ve stopped anyway, tell me: who do you think Jesus is?’ And we began to talk. I shared the gospel, offered him our literature and suggested we meet to discuss it. Bob was so surprised with this good news that he said he’d really like to learn more about Jesus and gave me his contact information!”

Click here to view pictures from Cologne’s one-week campaign.

Click here for interesting facts about Jewish populations and the history of Jews in Germany from the World Jewish Congress.

Pray for upcoming events in our branches

Please pray especially for our outreach to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in NYC (though at this point, we wonder if the parade will have to be postponed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy).

We’ll be making extra efforts to reach holiday crowds with the gospel between Thanksgiving and Christmas, as usual. Many of our branches will be having Hanukkah events, so please pray that many seekers will attend.

In Johannesburg, Alison Barnett is leading our branch while Michael Sischy is on sabbatical. She asks prayer for a women’s conference they will be holding on November 17. Alison will be speaking and another Jewish believer will give her story; there will also be time for worship and ministry to those who come.

From Washington DC Larry Dubin reports, “We are starting to make preparations for the presidential inauguration in January 2013. Four years ago we distributed approximately 113,000 gospel tracts during this event. We need volunteers as well as people to start praying for this potentially fruitful evangelistic opportunity.” 


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