Fans of the Giants but followers of Jesus

In San Francisco, international headquarters for Jews for Jesus and home to the world champion Giants, we do love our baseball team. But even more, we love our Jesus, and any opportunity to point people’s attention to Him.

San Francisco branch leader Rob Wertheim was faithfully broadsiding the Giants playoffs games and it sure didn’t look like they were going to make it to the World Series. Rob reported:

“Our team of five distributed 3,475 broadsides and had a lot of fun. While I was broadsiding, a man offered me a ticket to the game. The ticket turned out to be legitimate, and after I finished handing out tracts I went in to see the game! I sat near the man who gave me the ticket.

“Unfortunately, the Giants lost. They lost the next game as well. It didn’t look likely that the Giants would continue in the playoffs, so I decided to do a double sortie with the remainder of our special Giants broadsides at City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University a couple of days later.

“Then the Giants came back and won three games in a row in Cincinnati to defeat the Reds and move on to the National League Championship Series (NLCS) against the St. Louis Cardinals! Four of us went out to the park before the  opening game and handed out 2,325 broadsides.

“As our broadside, written especially for the division series, had announced, ‘You Can’t Keep a Great Team Down.’ For the games against the Cardinals at AT&T Park, we distributed ‘You Can’t Keep a Great Team Down (Part 2).’

“Before the seventh and final game of the NLCS, reporter Michelle Hurd of NBC News asked me what I had in my hand. I handed her the broadside and said that it’s about the Messiah Jesus. I explained that just as it looked like Jesus was defeated at His crucifixion but then rose from the dead, so the Giants also seemed to have died and been resurrected to life. She smiled and said, ‘That’s good!’

“Thanks to several from our headquarters team, we were able to produce and distribute 10,100 broadsides at the four Giants NLCS home games! We also handed out another 6,325 of our gospel tracts at the first two games of the World Series.

“And finally, on Wednesday, October 31, we got to hand out a specially written broadside at the Giants victory parade in downtown San Francisco. In just an hour and a half, our team of 18 people handed out 18,475 gospel tracts. Please pray for the seeds that were planted, and that many people will realize that Jesus is the only one who can bring ultimate victory!”


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