RealTime November 2012

A Note From David Brickner: Post-Election Jitters
November 12, 2012

In this post-election period people throughout our country are experiencing a wide range of feelings … some are euphoric while others are anxious or even fearful. We are in a time of transition, and transition often creates uncertainty. As we move from the known toward the unknown there is often an accompanying sense of loss,…

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Jews for Jesus News
November 11, 2012

Jews for Jesus in New York post Hurricane Sandy Thanks to those who prayed for our staff on the East Coast during hurricane Sandy. Our DC branch fared well; most of the action was in New York City where: Our team of missionaries handed out hot chocolate and tea in the name of Jesus and…

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Jews for Jesus in New York post Hurricane Sandy
November 10, 2012

(See story below the gallery) Wednesday October 31, 3012 From Manhattan, branch leader Aaron Abramson reported on behalf of our team there: So it’s day two without power at our 31st Street center and we decided to meet and pray together. Around a dozen of us gathered in my living room to share prayer requests and…

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Fans of the Giants but followers of Jesus
November 9, 2012

? In San Francisco, international headquarters for Jews for Jesus and home to the world champion Giants, we do love our baseball team. But even more, we love our Jesus, and any opportunity to point people’s attention to Him. San Francisco branch leader Rob Wertheim was faithfully broadsiding the Giants playoffs games and it sure…

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Sydney Mind Body Spirit Outreach
November 8, 2012

Why we go to New Age Festivals There’s no doubt that New Age Festivals are bastions of false and dangerous teachings, often promoted by well-meaning people who have no idea of the forces they are dealing with. And these festivals are attended by people who are earnestly seeking truth and meaning as well as physical,…

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Jews for Jesus in Cologne
November 7, 2012
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Dreidle - How Jews for Jesus Celebrates Hanukkah

Jewish Facts of Life
November 6, 2012

Learn about Hanukkah Shop for a Menorah Watch Kosher Joe’s Hanukkah Episode Send Hanukkah E-cards Patato Latkes Recipe

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Also in this Edition
November 5, 2012

Download free broadside tracts for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. See the tracts we handed out for the Giants games and victory parade. Also see You Can’t Keep a Great Team Down (Part 2). From Giants Game: From the Giants victory parade

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November 4, 2012

Festivals of Lights is a wonderful Hanukkah/Christmas music CD by Marty Goetz. It’s sure to warm you this holiday season. Whether you like traditional or original holiday music, Marty’s talents offer something for everyone. To receive free shipping, order online by November 30, using code “realdeal9s” at checkout.

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