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Giants and Jews for Jesus on Parade

Thanks to the good work of San Francisco branch leader Rob Wertheim in planning and taking out teams for sorties (tract passing expeditions), we lost no opportunities to witness to Giants fans during this exciting season.  Last month, two teams of six went out each day of the championship playoffs and handed out a total of 6,800 broadsides.  Staff writer Matt Sieger then put together a new broadside (included in last month’s RealTime) that we used for the first two games of the World Series. And then it happened-the San Francisco Giants went on to win the World Series! Well, Jews for Jesus’ international headquarters is located in San Francisco, where an estimated one million people turned out to celebrate the Giants’ victory. It so happened” that the parade occurred on the second day of our Council meeting, so we had teams of missionaries from around the world ready to go out and greet the fans with a new gospel tract. The headquarters staff really pulled together to illustrate and print the new broadside in a matter of hours. A couple of staff, David Yapp and Sandy Wertheim, even made black beards for about fifteen of our missionaries to wear while handing out tracts. (Pitcher Brian Wilson, who dyes his beard black, created such a stir that fans popularized the slogan: “Fear the beard.”)  Our teams handed out all 18,500 broadsides we’d printed up in very short order.

Coming Up

We will have special Thanksgiving outreaches in many of our branches, particularly in New York City, with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pray for our missionaries as we express gratitude for our salvation by pointing out what Jesus has done for all who will receive Him. And right after Thanksgiving, our missionaries will be increasing our street outreach efforts to meet the Christmas and Hanukkah crowds. See seasonal broadside tracts here.

Thank You For Praying

Last month we asked you to pray for the third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization (LCWE) held in Cape Town, South Africa. All the Jews for Jesus who attended came back encouraged and inspired by the time they spent with believers from all over the world, believers who are steadfast in the faith and who understand the need to bring the gospel to all people, including the Jewish people.

One of the highlights of the congress was a ten minute session during a morning plenary in which a Palestinian Arab woman named Shaadia, who serves with a ministry called Musalaha (Reconciliation) stood side by side with Dan Sered, an Israeli Jew who leads our Jews for Jesus work in Israel.  It was a powerful moment and a beautiful image for all the 4,000 people who witnessed it. You can view that segment by clicking here.

We also asked you to pray for the Jews for Jesus Council meeting the first week of November.
We are pleased to announce those who have been accepted on our staff:

  • Iain and Rebekah Smith, as vocational missionaries
  • Isaac Brickner, as associate staff
  • Melissa Weinisch, also as associate staff working with our Children and Youth Ministry

(Associate staff are involved with us as students, and upon successfully completing their program, are eligible to join our staff full-time.)

Two of our three new staff are, or have been, “missionary kids.” Rebekah nee Harvey, daughter of Richard and Monica, grew up in our ministry and her father, though no longer on our staff, serves on our Board of Directors in the UK. Isaac Brickner (recently married to Shaina) is the son of David and Patti Brickner and has also grown up with Jews for Jesus. His father has been our executive director since 1996. And Melissa Weinisch’s mother, Shoshanah, was discipled through Jews for Jesus decades ago, before marrying Stewart, who then worked with Chosen People.  Stewart and Shoshanah are now missionaries with our New York branch.

It is very encouraging to see the next generation catching their own vision for ministry, and to watch their passion for serving the Lord grow!

In line with “the next generation,” David Brickner announced that he will be leading our next New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign. He is hoping to have two or three younger leaders with him to train for leadership of future campaigns.

As reported, the second day of Council meeting provided an opportunity for us to do evangelism together-always a good “breather” after a full day of indoor discussion— and a good reminder of why we’ve banded together.

Please pray as we continue to process much of what we heard and experienced at this three-day meeting, that God will use it to sharpen us for His purposes. 

Bearing one Another’s Burdens

Russell R. Reed was called home at age 87. A Jewish believer in Jesus, he was a much loved member of the Jews for Jesus Board of Directors for many years, and remained on our circle of directors when his health became prohibitive to cross country travel. Known for his wisdom, kindness and generosity, Russ was a talented actor who lent his voice to many Jews for Jesus projects. We will miss him greatly. He is survived by his daughter, Amy and her husband, Ken. Please keep them in your prayers.


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