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We’ve got an update on Moishe’s health, some news of an interesting turn of events in a legal case, a few words about our recent council meeting, and how you can be praying for Jews for Jesus between now and the next RealTime.

Moishe Update

Thanks for praying for Moishe, who came home from the hospital after two weeks, following surgery for an intestinal obstruction. He’s had no infections at the site of the surgery which is remarkable and truly an answer to prayer! Recovery has been slow and he still needs your prayers to regain strength. Also, during this period he has not been able to receive chemo, but we expect him to resume that in the next several days. Please continue to pray for his wife, Ceil as well.

Legally Speaking

You may recall previous prayer requests concerning a case that was filed against us when our newsletter contained a praise and prayer request for a staff member’s stepmother.

On November 10, OneNewsNow reported the background and an interesting development in the case. Here is an excerpt from the article (you can see the full story here):

“Rapp [a Jews for Jesus missionary] stated that his stepmother had ‘repeated the sinner’s prayer,’ and he requested prayer for ‘new Jewish believer Edith and salvation for her husband Marty.’ After Bruce’s father (Edith’s husband Marty) died, Edith sued Jews for Jesus for printing information about her. The case was dismissed several times in trial court.

“Mathew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, says, ‘Court pleadings are not the venue to wage war against those you dislike or with whom you disagree. Attorney Barry Silver has abused the legal process by using it to wage war on Christianity. The court rightly sanctioned the attorney by requiring him to pay attorney’s fees and costs to Liberty Counsel and dismissing this frivolous complaint.

“Liberty Counsel has been aggressively defending this matter because if we were to lose, what it would do for churches and nonprofit organizations in terms of their prayer requests or their newsletters [is] it would create a very chilling effect on them if your prayer requests or your statements could ultimately be the subject of defamation lawsuits,’ Staver concludes.”

For more on this story, see

Jews for Jesus Greets Yankees Fans with the Gospel

2009 World Series Champions

Whether or not you considered the Yankees victory in the World Series good news, it was an opportunity for our New York branch to share the Good News of Jesus at the victory parade last week. With many of the New York staff away in California for our council meeting, Elisheva R led a team of six people to greet the fans with the gospel. They handed out 5,800 gospel tracts designed especially for the occasion.

The fact that Jews for Jesus was out distributing literature did not go unnoticed. The November edition of the New Yorker magazine carried a satirical article titled, “Perfect Paper” regarding free paper made available for the parade. The last paragraph states: “When the parade was over, it was hard to find a trace of Josefsberg’s perfect paper. Instead, there were design documents connected to the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, a flyer from Jews for Jesus, half of a Traders magazine, a scrap of a legal document (‘Plaintiff’s mot …’), a paper plate, and a page of medical records—the name and the details of a serious condition of a fifty-year-old man in Fairfield, Connecticut.” 

It’s a small thing, yes, but it will remind everyone who sees the article that there are Jewish people who believe in Jesus.

Jews for Jesus Council Meeting

Our Council is an advisory committee to our executive director. We meet three times a year to review possible missionary candidates, to stimulate one another’s ideas and to discuss direction and strategy. We met November 3-5 and had a great time together. We had a challenging leadership lesson from David Brickner from the book of Samuel on “How the Mighty Fall.” Strategy for upcoming Behold Your God Israel campaigns was, as usual, a priority discussion. We also accepted several new trainees, which we’ll be telling you about in future (hard copy) newsletters. The fellowship was particularly sweet as this was our annual international meeting, with branch leaders joining us from around the world. Please pray for wisdom as we continue to process information and plan for future ways of making the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide.

Please Pray

Please pray for the New York branch as they wind up for the annual sortie (tract passing expedition) at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and for all our branches as they will be revving up to greet holiday shoppers with the gospel between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Pray for Massah Mobile in the home stretch of their journey… the team is currently in Thailand reaching out to Israeli trekkers. We will have a final wrap up for you after they return home December 16.


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