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Please join us in remembering a former staff member, download some Thanksgiving broadsides, (one that he probably passed out while he was on our staff) find out what’s new on our website and how you can be praying for us this month.

Baruch Goldstein, one of the founders of Jews for Jesus, passed into glory on October 26, the first of our founders to receive that “divine promotion.” David Brickner described Baruch as “a trophy of God’s grace.” After bold service and tremendous dedication to the cause of Yeshua, Baruch fell back into some old ways for a number of years. But God preserved his faith, which became more evident in the last years of Baruch’s life. He has a wonderful legacy of two daughters who love and serve the Lord: the older, Rachel, with Chosen People Ministries and the younger, Liz, with Jews for Jesus.

Moishe wrote a tribute for Baruch that David Brickner read at the memorial service. He told how he and Baruch had sailed paper airplanes made of broadside tracts out a hotel window in Manhattan, and watched as people picked them up. Moishe ended by saying: “He was a person who made others smile. If you see a strange paper airplane floating down from heaven, and you open it up, and find that it’s a Jews for Jesus tract, you’re probably hearing from Baruch, and God is enjoying Baruch’s ‘mischief.’ And I guess the paper airplane made of a tract is just Baruch’s way of telling us that he made it.”

Please be in prayer for Baruch’s mother, Eva, his wife, Raye, daughter Rachel, and also for those family members on or very close to our staff, daughter Elizabeth, brother Efraim, sister-in-law Jeannie and nephews, Daniel and Gabriel.

Editor’s note: I remember handing out tracts at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when I was part of Baruch’s team in New York back in 1980. And of course it is still tradition for our New York staff to greet New Yorkers who attend the parade with one of our gospel broadsides. I’m not sure which of these tracts we used then, but you can download two great Thanksgiving broadsides by Moishe Rosen, and duplicate it for your own Thanksgiving outreach by clicking here.


During 11 days of campaign, the team handed out 56,125 broadsides, made 30,089 phone attempts, with 15,275 calls completed; went door to door to 3,634 homes and found 2,075 people at home.

The campaign resulted in 2,722 contacts (people who gave their information in order to hear more about Jesus), including 2,513 Jewish seekers and 86 Gentile (mainly Arab) seekers. Sixty Jews and four Gentiles prayed to receive Jesus. These new believers include those who prayed to receive the Lord after the actual campaign, during follow up visits.

As a result of the campaign, Dan Sered was interviewed for a popular Israeli television show and was able to give a clear story of faith in Jesus. Be watching our website as we hope to post a link to the interview with English subtitles in the next week or two.

Another result of the campaign was a call to end missionary activity from the rabbi who heads the local Yeshiva (Talmudic College). His inflammatory language likely fueled the aggression we reported last month and he made less dramatic but still accusatory remarks in an article titled “Rabbis Warn Against Missionaries in the City” by Adi Chanoch in the October 23 edition of a local paper called “Information 8.” Dan Sered, leader of our Israel work, was interviewed, as well as some of the local believers.

While the journalist did not include as much information about the gospel as we’ve sometimes seen in these interviews, the article ended on a good note: “‘I had the sensation of being born again after a very difficult time in my life. I received answers to the most basic universal matters and to many questions that I have dealt with since an early age,’ summarized a local resident who came to believe in this way over the past years.” For an English translation of the entire article, click here.

Click here for Behold Your God Israel follow-up stories:


Check out—a new evangelistic website from Jews for Jesus. It’s designed especially for Jewish doctors or those interested in Jewish doctors. You’ll see videos, message boards, free e-books, and testimonies of Jewish doctors who have accepted Jesus as their messiah.

We are advertising on the New York Times website ( now through December 10. Please pray that the many people who frequent the New York Times site will click on our banner ads and open their hearts to Jesus, the greatest Jewish physician of all.

You can see what that banner ad looks like by clicking here.


Later this year we expect to launch another new website; one that will be geared for ministry to Jewish-Gentile couples. It’s something to watch for. In the meantime, the next edition of ISSUES, our publication for seekers, features an article on “The December Dilemma” by Tuvya Zaretsky, who has been spearheading this aspect of our ministry.


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