Dr. Vera Schlamm passed into the presence of Jesus on November 3. Dr. Schlamm was a friend to many on the staff of Jews for Jesus. A gentle soul who was always ready to testify of her faith in Jesus, Dr. Schlamm not only experienced God’s grace, she exemplified it. She survived some of the worst horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, but found peace and security through the Messiah Jesus. Dr. Vera was a pediatrician, so petite she was barely bigger than some of her patients. But her heart was enormous, and we will miss her.

Dr. Schlamm allowed Jews for Jesus to tell her story in two of our books (Testimonies of Jews Who Believe in Jesus and Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician) and she was also one of the interviewees on our Survivor Stories, which has been instrumental in many coming to faith. She also has been published in ISSUES, our publication for Jewish seekers.  You can read an interview with Dr. Schlamm here.