RealTime November 2008

A note from David Brickner: Let’s Elect a Dictator!
November 1, 2008

With the presidential elections behind us at last, responses to our new president-elect range from jubilation to despair to everything in between; some are bursting with enthusiasm while others are ridden with anxiety. Everyone has hopes or fears (or both) about changes the new administration will make—changes that will affect our lives and the life of our nation.

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News Media Update

Florida · October 23, 2008 · Privacy Florida court knocks out false light claims Florida does not recognize a false light invasion of privacy claim, the state’s high court held on Thursday. In a double victory for free speech advocates, the court’s...

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Jewish Facts of Life

Did the Jewish people invent Thanksgiving? Click here for one man’s perspective. When George Bush won the 2004 election over John Kerry, those who would have liked the elections to have gone otherwise were somewhat depressed. A rabbi (of a traditional, not a...

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Rabbis Warn Against Missionaries in the City

by Adi Chanoch The period of the Jewish festivals provided the residents of Kiryat Shmona with an encounter with the Jews for Jesus” Organization, during which they distributed stickers and leaflets to passersby on the city’s streets in a propagandist...

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Jews for Jesus News

IN MEMORY . . . Please join us in remembering a former staff member, download some Thanksgiving broadsides, (one that he probably passed out while he was on our staff) find out what’s new on our website and how you can be praying for us this month. Baruch...

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In Other News

Dr. Vera Schlamm passed into the presence of Jesus on November 3. Dr. Schlamm was a friend to many on the staff of Jews for Jesus. A gentle soul who was always ready to testify of her faith in Jesus, Dr. Schlamm not only experienced God’s grace, she exemplified...

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Thank You For Praying

Moishe update It has been some time since we gave you an update on Moishe’s condition.  In March 2007, we told you that Moishe had prostate cancer, which had metastasized. His first treatment was successful up until this past May. He is now undergoing another...

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Sneak Peek
Topics: sneak peek

Next month’s (print) newsletter includes: an article by David Brickner titled Awaiting the Day,” an introduction to our new trainees, a biblical chart on “Messianic Prophecy Fulfilled,” an article about a Hanukkah tradition, titled...

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Follow-Up from Behold Your God Israel (Upper Galilee)

Rahel Landrum (an Israeli staff member who ordinarily serves with her husband in our Australia branch) reports, In May, during the Tel Aviv Behold Your God campaign, I followed up on Limor, a Jewish contact Tzachi met. Limor is a drug addict who lives on the street,...

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