Todah e-card

Thanksgiving is a time to thank God but it can also be a time to thank people and let them know that God has used them in your life. Todah (rhymes with Noah, except the accent is on the second syllable) is the Hebrew word for thank you.” Send a free “Todah” card to your friends.

Make your iPod Messianic!

Remember, you can download free Liberated Wailing Wall MP3s. Many of these songs are taken from Psalms and are especially meaningful for giving thanks.

New broadside to point people to Jesus this holiday season

Our regular December Newsletter will include a new tract by Moishe Rosen titled “December Dilemma.” We’ll be handing these out to holiday shoppers and you can, too. Download a free copy that you can duplicate and hand out.

To purchase a quantity of already printed December Dilemma broadsides, please call 1-877-463-7742.

Note: our broadsides are sold only in bundles of 100. The cost is $7 per 100 hundred broadsides, (includes shipping and handling.) Please be sure to specify the correct title, December Dilemma. We have several Christmas broadsides, so if you order “the Christmas broadside” you may be in for a surprise when your order arrives.

Gift with purchase

Order any Hanukkah menorah* (also called hanukkiahs, these are the ones with nine branches) from Purple Pomegranate Productions this month (November) and mention Real Time to receive a free package of Hanukkah candles.

Or call:
1-877-463-7742 (orders only)
415-864-2600 x180 (for customer service)

* Your free gift of candles will fit most of the Hanukkah menorahs we carry. However, they will NOT fit the following: JR096 – Antique Silver Menorah. (Take the gift anyway; you can always use it for birthday cakes!)