No, you won’t find it in the pages of the Bible. Jewish Book Month was established by the Jewish Book Council ‘to promote the reading, writing and publishing of quality English-language books of Jewish content in North America.'”

That quote comes from this website, which will help those interested to keep pace with what many in the Jewish community are reading:

Of interest to Real Time readers will be the views of well known Jewish author Saul Bellow on Jesus. Not unlike many other Jews, he is positive towards Jesus, though much less so towards what he sees as “Christianity.”

For a photo of Bellow, see this page, which essentially reproduces the Christian Century article.

In the first half of the twentieth century, Yiddish writer Sholem Asch authored three remarkable books: The Nazarene, 1939; The Apostle, 1943 (about Paul); and Mary, 1949. Though he did not embrace the gospel personally, his sympathetic portrayal of these New Testament figures in a Jewish way earned him more than a few enemies. For a recent assessment of his work, check out the book titled, Sholem Asch Reconsidered.

For one Jewish believer’s take on Sholem Asch and also the painter Marc Chagall, see this article from Jews for Jesus’ ISSUES publication, addressed primarily to Jewish non-believers in Jesus.

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