The rapid transit tunnels in Houston are not QUITE as hectic as New York City (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

This campaigner awaits the rush…it looks like someone with a shopping bag is approaching from behind.

Stan Telchin and his beautiful wife Elaine joined us for yet another BYG campaign.

Stan is a Jewish believer in Jesus, a noted author and public speaker.

Francoise Edwards, our new Co-Laborer in Messiah Coordinater, volunteered for many BYG campaigns before joining staff; now she will help rally future volunteers to proclaim the gospel.

This is Karen Myers’ third Behold Your God campaign; she was one of the “sparkplugs.”

Pray that some of the college students who received our broadside tracts will really consider the gospel.

The small, close-knit group worked hard to make the Messiahship of Jesus unavoidable in Houston.