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The Houston Behold Your God Campaign ended a week ago. In two weeks, campaigners handed out 51,275 gospel broadsides. The team attempted 1,149 phone calls (Jewish names from the phone book) and made 695 connections. They knocked on 443 doors and connected with 176 people. On the streets, nine Jewish seekers and 37 Gentile seekers gave their names and addresses to hear more about Jesus. Twenty-two Gentiles and one Jewish person prayed to receive the Lord.

For some glimpses of the Houston campaigners, go here.

Here are a few stories from the campaign:

Karen Myers wrote: “While on a lunchtime sortie (tract-passing expedition) I was having a blast giving out broadsides in the tunnel system downtown. A young businessman walked up and said, ‘I’d like one of those.’ He reached out-and dropped his huge cup of coffee! It spilled all over the floor and the smell of frappucino wafted through the air. He apologized profusely and told me he’d be back with someone to clean it up. What a perfect situation to attract attention! The tunnel was very busy and I didn’t want people to slip and fall, so I placed myself directly in front of the coffee, which had flowed towards the center of the hall, and called out loudly, ‘WATCH OUT! THERE’S COFFEE ON THE FLOOR!’ As people approached, they thanked me for warning them and gratefully took a broadside. I could barely hand them out fast enough! Several minutes later the coffe-spiller returned with janitors and he said, ‘Now may I please have one?’ He left happy, I left happy and I think that God was happy that 675 people had received the Good News that Jesus is Messiah!

Also from Karen, “I was calling Jewish surnames from the Houston phone book and came across one woman who seemed pretty open. I told her about our ‘Survivor Stories’ film (testimonies of Holocaust survivors who believe in Jesus) and when I offered to send her a free copy, first she said, ‘You would really do that?’ and then, ‘Hold on for a moment while I talk to my husband.’ How strange for me to sit and listen to the intense discussion that ensued in the background! Her husband was adamantly opposed to receiving the film while she was very intrigued. In the end she told me, ‘No, thank you. He is not interested.’ Amazingly, another campaigner called just a few days later, not realizing I had already called the home. She explained that her husband was not interested but she was. She gave her name and address to the campaigner to receive more information. Please pray for her (Mrs. E.) that God will continue to draw her despite her husband’s opposition.”

Karen’s sister, Anna, was also making “cold calls” from the phone book when she spoke to a Jewish woman named Jennifer. Jennifer wanted “Survivor’s Stories” and gave Anna her contact info. Anna then explained the gospel to her and Jennifer prayed to receive Jesus!

The calling really seemed to have an affect on Houston’s Jewish community. People seemed especially curious about how we got their phone numbers (when they ask us directly we always explain that we are calling from the phone directory).

Alan and Lyn Bond (campaign leader and chaplain) reside in a suburb of Chicago. Lyn says, “I guess that calling from the Houston phone book to offer “Survivor Stories” to Jewish people ruffled some feathers. During the campaign, Tammy, a friend of ours, was ‘dog sitting’ for us. She reported an interesting phone call that went something like this:

Tammy: “Hello.”
Caller: “Is this the residence of Alan Bond?”
T: “Yes.”
C: “Is that the Alan Bond who is in Houston?”
T: “Yes.”
C: “How did he get my phone number?”

“Just thought it interesting that someone took the trouble to call us in Skokie, Alan thinks they were trying to prove that we can’t hide our phone number from them…as if we were trying!”

Along the same line, John Dunbar, a first-time campaigner who came to faith at age 60 (six years ago!) reported a conversation he heard between two older Jewish women: “They were walking fast, and when I offered them a broadside, both refused. As they continued one said to the other in my hearing, ‘Can you believe those Jews for Jesus? They called my home the other night. They know my name. Can you imagine that! They’re unbelievable. How do you think they got my name?”

Please pray for the follow-up with people who expressed an interest in the gospel in Houston, and especially for the new believers to be established in their faith.

Please also pray as Sao Paulo is about to begin in just two days! Pray for Sergio Danon as he leads the campaign with help from Oded Cohen. We’ll be reporting back to you within days of the campaign’s conclusion.


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