RealTime November 2004

The Discipline of Thanksgiving
November 1, 2004
Topics: thanksgiving

Why do people tend to focus on the negative? What perverseness or twist in our nature pulls our attention to words that tear down, belittle or emphasize failings in others or in ourselves? The recent U.S. Presidential election is a prime example. Despite each...

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Arafat’s Death: What Impact Might It Have and How Can We Pray?

Here are some reflections from members of our staff: Moishe Rosen, founder It might or might not be that Arafat is the lesser of evils, but the evil that does exist was in part created by him. It will take either a person of great power or a great deal of time for the...

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BYG (Behold Your God) Corner

The Houston Behold Your God Campaign ended a week ago. In two weeks, campaigners handed out 51,275 gospel broadsides. The team attempted 1,149 phone calls (Jewish names from the phone book) and made 695 connections. They knocked on 443 doors and connected with 176...

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Decrease Your Income Tax While Increasing Your Giving Power!

Maybe you would like to give a generous end of the year gift to a ministry like Jews for Jesus but are wondering how to work it out in the confines of your budget. Here is a great opportunity for you to do just that: Many people find that the best way to make...

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