RealTime November 2003

Nuancing the Truth
November 1, 2003

It’s not that simple.” This phrase is a commonly used argument to chip away firmly held convictions. You voice your convictions about the Bible and God’s plan of salvation and someone tells you, “it’s not that simple.” They usually...

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News on Next Month’s Behold Your God Campaign in West Palm Beach

Next month, God willing we will conduct the final 2003 Behold Your God campaigns in Sydney, Australia and West Palm Beach, Florida. There has already been quite a media hullabaloo in West Palm: * The October 24 edition of warns Jewish people to be...

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Free Downloadable Jewish Gospel Music!

A big thanks to all of you who have prayed for and supported Jews for Jesus, and especially those who have appreciated our Jewish gospel music. You may know that any profit from the sale of our music goes directly back into the missionary work of Jews for Jesus, so...

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Holiday Music from Marty Goetz
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If you are a Marty Goetz fan, all you need to know is, his holiday recording titled Festivals of Light is available at Purple Pomegranate Productions If you are not yet a Marty Goetz fan, you are in for a real treat as this Jewish believer in Yeshua invites you to...

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