The Story of Redemption… Somewhere in Belarus

All over the world, Jews for Jesus held Passover celebrations large and small. We don’t measure “success” by the size of the gathering because many of our missionaries invited Jewish friends who don’t (yet) know Jesus to celebrate with them in their homes. Small and personal home gatherings are a great way to share the gospel as well as our lives with people. But we must admit this photo of a packed-out room of people celebrating Passover “somewhere in Belarus” made us very happy.

The event was held in partnership with a local Messianic congregation. Of the 122 people who attended, 47 were Jewish people who do not yet embrace Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah, 45 were Jewish people who have only recently received Him, 20 were Jewish people who have been following Jesus for a longer time, and 10 were non-Jewish Christians. Our missionary, Dima, was excited that 22 of the Jewish “pre-believers” who came did so at his invitation.

In Belarus, legislation provides what they call “freedom of conscience” when it comes to religion. However, that legislation is not necessarily adhered to in practice. While it seems as though things may be improving, for the time being, the only two religions that are assured of freedom are members of the Orthodox Christian Church and the Catholic Church. All others are still subject to discriminatory treatment.

So do please join us in praying for the 47 Jewish seekers who attended our recent Passover event… and pray that one day soon, people everywhere in Belarus will have genuine freedom to worship and to share their faith publicly. 


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