Reaching students in Tel Aviv

Tatiana, from of our Russian-speaking team in Israel, reports: “We had a wonderful time at Tel Aviv University as God was opening many students’ hearts, despite various obstacles. For example, Rachel* knows very little about God because her family is secular. We told her about Yeshua’s redemptive sacrifice and the important role of faith. Though her friend was laughing at us, Rachel continued listening carefully. Then she gave us her contact information and accepted the Gospel of John that we gave her.

“Lily* was sitting on the grass with a textbook. She told me she didn’t have time to talk, yet quickly became interested in what I was saying. However, she struggled to interact with me in faltering English. Then I heard Lily say to herself in Russian, ‘How do I explain this?’ Thank the Lord, I could speak to her in Russian and hear her story. Her grandparents had moved here from Russia and had converted to Judaism. Christianity was a banned topic in their family. Lily had remained a non-believer in God. By the end of the conversation, she was able to hear the gospel and be encouraged to learn more about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Please pray for Rachel and Lily to have an encounter with the Living God and come to know Yeshua (Jesus) as their Lord and Savior!”

*not their real names


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