Behold Your God Israel: first report

Our current Behold Your God campaign launched on Sunday with 45 Jews and three Gentiles willing to give contact information to hear more about Jesus. The team connected with 482 people by phone, 13 people going door to door, and handed out 4,075 gospel broadsides. 
Here is what some of the campaigners are saying:
Laura: “We were bannering during rush hour when the police pulled over. I’m used to having to defend our right to be there—so was pleasantly surprised when the police said they were just wondering how we were doing and whether anyone was bothering us! Before they left, one of the officers reminded us to drink lots of water since it was so hot!” Thanks to those who prayed for favor with the authorities—keep it up!
Tzachi: “As I was phoning, a child answered, so I asked to speak with his parents. Instead he handed the phone to his older brother, who had just turned eighteen. I explained who we were and offered him the Yeshua book (about Jesus and Messianic prophecies). He said they were a religious family, and they had plenty of books in the house. I assured him that he didn’t have this one! He was concerned that his father would be angry, but he was interested enough to give me his contact details; please pray for Benji.*”
Vova: “On my first phone call, I spoke with a man named Moshe* and offered him the Yeshua book. He commented that many people were probably angry when I spoke with them about Yeshua, but that those people were ‘beasts’ and I should love them anyway. Moshe is not a believer but was interested in reading more about Yeshua. He speaks several languages, but asked for the Yeshua book in Spanish, his birth language. Please pray for him as I stay in touch.”
Alex: “While I was in the office, we received a chat through our social media campaign. I had a good conversation about Yeshua with this man Avi,* and he was eager to receive the New Testament. He gave me his contact details and wants to meet with me after he does some reading. Please pray for him.”
Valery and Tanya: “We went door to door in a very religious town, and God blessed us with many Russian-speaking contacts who were open to our ministry. During one outreach, we were able to visit with nine people! We shared the gospel with all of them and look forward to further contact. One elderly couple eagerly accepted the New Testament and listened intently to the gospel! Please pray for fruitful follow-up.”
*not their real names

Please pray for:

  1. the Lord to soften the hearts of many Israelis to the gospel
  2. the team to have the Lord’s strength, unity and a heart of love for the people to whom they are witnessing
  3. the Lord to protect our campaigners physically, mentally, and spiritually during and after the campaign
  4. salvation of Jewish people in Israel and worldwide


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