Are you brave enough?

Our Behold Your God Israel team is serving a region where several Israeli military bases house career soldiers, many of whom have defended Israel in elite combat units. They have experienced the hardships of being a member of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). So our social media campaign poses the questions, if you are brave enough to be a soldier, “Are you brave enough (Do you have the nerve) to examine Yeshua?” and “Are you brave enough to examine the New Testament?”

As you watch the video, you may not get all of the IDF references/humor, but you’ll understand the message.

Please be praying for this outreach. The social media is just one part of this effort. Behold Your God Israel campaigners also are witnessing in public, facing the heat of the sun as well as the heat from those who oppose us. This year, our campaign area includes a significant number of Orthodox Jews (60%), which could mean a significant amount of opposition. In order for the seeds we plant to take root and grow, we’ll need a breakthrough that only the Lord can bring. Please  cover our team and the people we meet in prayer during this two-week long Behold Your God campaign.


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