A post Passover salvation story

Kata Tar, one of our missionaries in Budapest reports, “My mother was only six years old at the time of the Holocaust. Her father escaped the Nazis twice (the second time from a train en route to Auschwitz) and her mother, Aranka, lived in the Budapest ghetto. Meanwhile, my mother and her brother were placed in a ‘safe house’ where those in charge sometimes ate bread that was intended for the children.

“My grandmother Aranka had attended the Scottish Mission School in Budapest—it was not uncommon for Jewish children to attend Christian schools—and she came to faith in Jesus. So my mom and uncle certainly heard the gospel as children, and even attended church with my grandmother. Then came the Communist era and indoctrination, and my mother became a Marxist.

“When I got saved of course I shared my new faith with her. She was tolerant but did not want me to evangelize her. 28 years went by as I was praying for her, being there for her and sharing all my life experiences (many of which were faith-related) with her. Any time I asked her what she thought about Jesus, she would say that she believed in God, but Jesus is not God.

“My mother is now 78 years old, and last month she had a stroke. Then her heart rate dropped alarmingly. I was praying and had mobilized many friends to pray with me.

“When I saw her, she was able to understand all that had happened to her. I told her how Jesus had been knocking on the door of her heart for so many years.

“She said, ‘But He is already inside.’  

“I was not expecting that, though I had shared with her so often. ‘That’s great, Mother! For my sake, so I know you have received Him, please say this prayer with me.’ I prayed words of repentance and thanksgiving for forgiveness through Jesus, then asked my mother to squeeze my hand if she had said the prayer with me. She did. Then suddenly she started singing a hymn that had surfaced from her long-forgotten past. ‘O Jesus, thou art standing outside the fast-closed door…’ Amazing!

“This happened on the 21st of April the day before Passover started. What a joy to know that my mother has applied the blood of the Lamb of God to the doorpost of her heart! She is now out of the hospital and getting her strength back slowly. Please, pray for God to grant her time to be a Jewish witness of Yeshua here on this earth before it is time for her to be taken home to Him.”


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