Mikhail Vayshengolts (pictured here with his wife Irina) is part of our Russian speaking team in Israel. He reports, “I had a visit with a Jewish writer, Maxim, who used to live in Canada and had spoken with one of our missionaries there. During our visit, I gave him a Bible. As our visit came to an end, I asked about his health and well-being. He said that he’d been searching unsuccessfully for a long time for an assistant to help with his work. I prayed with him about it. Three hours later, Maxim phoned and was very excited. He had finally found an assistant! It was a great answer to prayer for Maxim, who understood that God had intervened to help him. I hope this will inspire him to read the Bible with great interest! Please pray for Maxim to open his heart fully to the God who hears our prayers.”