Happy Birthday, Israel!

The state of Israel had its 66th annual Independence Day celebration on May 6 this year. Our Tel Aviv team went on the traditional firework sortie (tract-passing expedition) Monday night, May 5. Outreach leader Vladimir (Vova) Mitnitsky says, “We had a team of twelve evangelists: six Jews for Jesus missionaries, two Israeli volunteers and six volunteers from Denmark. Together we handed out 2,400 gospel tracts to Israelis. Praise God, thousands of people saw our T-shirts with the name of Jesus; we had dozens of sincere conversations and received four contacts from Jewish seekers.

“Our Danish friends went with us on training sorties before the big night. Here is what one of them, Soveig, had to say:

“‘I was standing at the Azrieli Center Junction, evangelizing, and there were a lot of people, so we got to deliver a lot of gospel tracts. I especially remember one guy who smiled while he was passing by, receiving a gospel tract. After a few minutes he returned. He began by saying that he did not want us to try to convert him, but then he asked a lot of questions and was very interested. As we talked, he grew more and more interested, and at last we had to send him on to one of the evangelists at Jews for Jesus, because we needed someone who could speak Hebrew, and who could answer his questions better than us. In the end he filled out a contact card. It was very encouraging to have made a little difference in this man’s life, and I hope that God will keep on working in his heart.’

“And here is what another volunteer, Rebecca, said about her time: ‘Monday night on Independence Day, I was out with a group from Jews for Jesus to share the gospel. I was very excited and a bit nervous about how people would react. I prayed that God would work through me to reach the people I was going to meet. I felt God’s presence, and very quickly all the gospel tracts disappeared from my hand and out to the people of God. It felt awesome! I was also blessed with three conversations with people who wanted to know more about Jesus. When the evening ended, I felt thankful to God, and now I can only pray for all the people who got a gospel tract in their hands, that they may open their hearts for Jesus.’

“We are thankful for our volunteers and for friends like you who are praying for people in Israel to really open their hearts to the gospel.”

2014 Independence Day outreach in Tel Aviv


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