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Last month we highlighted answers to prayer from our “Christ in the Passover” season. Many of our missionaries had barely had time to catch their breath when we asked them to send us stories from tour, so we have more cool stories to share with you this month.

Before going on tour Lyn Bond (from our Chicago branch) had written to some of our supporters who live near churches where she was scheduled to speak. She asked them to pray for her to have opportunities to witness to Jewish people during her tour. One woman responded by inviting Lyn to meet for lunch. During their meal together, she told Lyn about her husband’s Jewish friend, Dan*. Lyn asked the woman to invite Dan to her “Christ in the Passover” presentation, and then the two of them prayed together that he’d accept the invitation.

Sure enough, Dan came with his wife, who is a Christian. He had some really good questions during the question and answer time and seemed satisfied with Lyn’s responses. Then he came to speak with her again at the resource table after the service. Just a few weeks later, Lyn received an email letting her know that Dan had prayed to receive Jesus. Lyn sent him an email and Dan replied that some 25 years ago he’d thought Jesus might be the Messiah, but he hadn’t done much to find out for certain. His coming to faith was the end of a long process. Thanks to your prayers, Jews for Jesus was privileged to be part of that process. Lyn says, “Please pray that Dan and his wife would grow closer to the Lord and each other because of his new faith.”

Avi Snyder, our European Director who lives in Budapest, toured in Nebraska. As he met with the pastor before one of his “Christ in the Passover” presentations, he learned that a middle-aged Jewish woman had been attending services at the church with her believing daughter for a while. Avi and the pastor prayed that she would come to the presentation and receive the Lord that very night.

Sure enough, Gina* did come, and after the service Avi had the opportunity to chat with her. She explained that she believed the facts of the gospel, but found it hard to, as she put it, “cross over.” But her conversation with Avi seemed to help her finally understand that she was not in the least abandoning her Jewish identity by believing in the Jewish Messiah Jesus!  So she prayed with Avi to receive Jesus. Immediately after, Avi invited her to tell the pastor, and when she told him what had just occurred, he did a little involuntary leap for joy. Once again, Gina had been on the road to faith for a long time, but because you prayed, Jews for Jesus had the blessing of seeing her born again.

Cyril Gordon, from our Los Angeles branch toured in Las Vegas. After one of his “Christ in the Passover” presentations at Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas, a Jewish man named Dean introduced himself to Cyril, describing himself as a Jew who’s searching, but, as he made a point of telling Cyril, “going slowly.” So Cyril reported, “Imagine my surprise when, two weeks after meeting Dean, I get a phone call from him saying that he now believes in Jesus as Messiah thanks to Jews for Jesus. Dean grew up in a Conservative Jewish family. From an early age, he liked to talk to God on his own. At the age of 13, he made it very clear to his rabbi that he wasn’t interested in continuing as part of the synagogue. The rabbi asked Dean to promise that he would at least continue to believe in God and follow the Ten Commandments.

“For the rest of Dean’s life, this became his mantra every time the topic of religion came up. He would simply say, ‘I believe in God.’ In his late teens, Dean moved to Las Vegas, NV to study engineering at UNLV. He continued to avoid organized religion through two marriages, until his third wife and one of his daughters started really encouraging him to explore the person of Jesus. He occasionally attended church with them and started reading Lee Strobel’s ‘The Case for Christ.’ He also watched a recent documentary on the Bible that moved him. After months of researching the claims of Jesus, Dean was still on the fence regarding Jesus, until he and his wife attended the Jews for Jesus “Christ in the Passover” presentation. Dean said it was there that things started coming together for him as to how he could believe in Jesus as a Jew. I was the first Jew he ever met who believed in Jesus. He was so moved that night, that the next week when he attended the service at his wife’s church, he had to hold back his tears when they spoke about Jesus. It was soon after this that Dean called me on my cell phone (I’d told him when we met to call me if he ever had any questions). We had a long talk that concluded with Dean praying with me to receive the Lord Jesus for salvation. His wife and daughter are ecstatic. Dean is now eager to tell others and get baptized. Please pray for his spiritual growth.” Note: Dean is pictured at his baptism at the top of this article.

Editor: Our last Passover report is not a salvation story (yet!), but is definitely another answer to our March prayer request for our Passover season to be fruitful.

Shoshannah Weinisch, who is part of our Manhattan branch, had been concerned about Ann, one of the people she’s been extending herself to over the past year. It wasn’t clear if Ann was really interested in Jesus. We try to be very careful about how we spend our time, knowing that friends who support us are trusting us to make friends for Jesus, not for ourselves. But then Ann attended our Manhattan branch’s Passover banquet.

Shoshannah says, “She sat through the whole thing and was fully engaged. She and I took the same bus to get home and she told me, ‘Now I have more questions than answers.’ Please pray that God will open the eyes of Ann’s heart as we now begin what I consider a genuine opportunity to explain to her who Jesus is.”

*not their real names.


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