Israel Independence Day Outreach

Last month we wrote to you that Israel was celebrating Yom ha-Azma’ut, (Independence Day). While we were talking about it here, our Israel branch was taking to the streets to reach out to the massive crowds who were celebrating. Bimini Cohen reports, “Most of the team went to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, where thousands of people were watching the festivities, which included singing, dancing, historic film clips and fireworks. Security was on high alert. Everyone approaching the area was, of course, searched. A good number of police and ambulances were on standby. But everyone seemed to be in a cheerful mood.

Israel Independence Outreach 2013

“One angry young man did spit a couple of times at one of our volunteers. My husband Oded was quick to spot the anti-missionaries before they noticed him and his team, so he simply moved the team to another street that was especially crowded and busy. They continued unnoticed and unhindered. God is so good! All together, the entire team of 8 distributed 3750 broadsides and received the contact info of 4 unsaved Jewish persons.

“When we returned to the office at about 11:30 pm, we heard the news about the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon. Oded and I have close ties with Boston (having lived and ministered there with Jews for Jesus for seven years before returning to Israel, Oded’s homeland). We were all the more affected, knowing that some of our Jews for Jesus colleagues were there. They had emailed me a month earlier to let me know they were planning a sortie (tract-passing expedition) at the marathon and to ask my advice. I had recommended that they hand out tracts at the finish line! I really didn’t sleep well that night wondering if they and our other friends were safe. (see JFJ at Boston Marathon) It was ironic that Boston was struck by terrorism while we had experienced a pleasant and calm evening in Israel. It is such a sorrowful reminder of the fragility of life, no matter where one lives.”


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