RealTime May 2013

Those Great Special Effects
May 15, 2013

Happy Pentecost! Most Christians think of Pentecost as the story of the early church in Acts 2, which many churches will commemorate this Sunday, May 19. But as mentioned in our Jewish Facts of Life last month, the Festival of Pentecost goes all the way back to the...

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Salvation Stories
May 14, 2013

Last month we highlighted answers to prayer from our “Christ in the Passover” season. Many of our missionaries had barely had time to catch their breath when we asked them to send us stories from tour, so we have more cool stories to share with you this...

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Israel Independence Day Outreach
May 13, 2013

Last month we wrote to you that Israel was celebrating Yom ha-Azma’ut, (Independence Day). While we were talking about it here, our Israel branch was taking to the streets to reach out to the massive crowds who were celebrating. Bimini Cohen reports, “Most...

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JFJ at Boston Marathon
May 12, 2013

We had five people handing out our gospel broadsides at the Boston Marathon last month. Long-time friends and faithful volunteers David, Karen, and Joel came to assist Larry Dubin (our Washington D.C. branch leader) and Karl deSouza (who leads our Montreal outpost)....

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Campaign Updates
May 11, 2013

Thanks to those of you who prayed for last month’s requests concerning upcoming witnessing campaigns. Here are a couple of updates that we hope will encourage you to keep praying:

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Coming up in London and New York
May 10, 2013

We have more prayer requests as our branches prepare to reach out later this month and next month.

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Staff Simchas (Joys)
May 9, 2013

We usually report from our missionaries on the field, but we also want to invite you to share our joy in the following life events of some of our staff.

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Jewish Facts of Life
May 8, 2013

We mentioned Shavuot last month, but while some say it was sunset-to-sunset May 14-15, others say May 14-16. Either way, the above link offers

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Case for Christ

May 6, 2013

Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Christ” is a great resource and the book was mentioned in one of our salvation stories this month. We’re offering the DVD version (Running time: 71 Minutes + 60 minutes of bonus features) with free shipping if you...

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