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Israeli News Service Apologizes and Retracts Statements About Jews for Jesus and the Holocaust

Our ad in a major Israeli newspaper drew some attention from the Israeli news service, Arutz Sheva. But in reporting on the ad, the author made some false statements about JFJ, including this whopper: “Among the claims made on the website is that the Jews are to blame for the persecution they have experienced over the generations, and especially for the Holocaust, because of their rejection of Jesus.”

Here is the Arutz Sheva article.

In response, we have posted this message on our website.

The retraction / apology came on May 11, prompting us to write a press release that you can now see on our website.

Behold Your God Israel in Lower Galilee

We are in the fourth and final week of our latest BYG Israel campaign. Last week, Dan Sered, director of our work in Israel, reported, “Shalom to you. Traditionally, the third week of a month-long campaign is always the hardest as fatigue settles in. Therefore, our campaigners need your prayers even more than before. Also, opposition has now organized and we are being targeted and looked for. Our campaigners and especially the team leaders need to be alert and aware. Pray for them to be wise and to pay close attention to their surroundings.

We have been asking for prayer over our media billboards. I am sad to report that one huge billboard that we had at a major junction was taken down by order of city officials. Unfortunately, the law in Israel permits city authorities to remove signs that are offensive to some people. Also, two of our huge billboards that went up on Monday evening did not even last a few hours, as some Orthodox men gathered and destroyed the billboards. With all of this opposition, we decided to send a press release to all of the major media in Israel, to try to bring some media attention to this persecution. Please pray that, indeed, the media will pay attention, interview us, and thereby give us opportunities to reach many more people with the gospel message.”

Following are photos of our billboards. The message: Yeshu = Yeshua = Yeshuah is a simple one. Most Israelis are under the mistaken impression that “Yeshu” is Hebrew for Jesus. In fact, it is an acrostic that was devised centuries ago to avoid saying the name correctly. Each letter of the name originally stood for a Hebrew word, and the words put together pronounced a curse: “May his name and memory be blotted out.” Most Israelis are not aware of this. Our billboards and ads let people know that the one they know as Yeshu is really Yeshua … and that His name means salvation.

Next month we’ll be bringing you a campaign wrap up, but meanwhile, you can click here for stories and photos of the campaign thus far.


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