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Includes Moishe Rosen update, Massah update, a witnessing “help” AND a startling announcement about the future of one of Jews for Jesus most cherished outreaches…

Moishe Rosen update from Ruth Rosen

Last month we reported that Moishe is now in home hospice care.  Thanks to those of you who wrote kind assurances of love and prayers. We know that it’s natural to want continued updates, but there is not much to report, and probably won’t be until we announce Moishe’s homegoing. 

Your continued prayers for Moishe and our family are much appreciated and notes letting us know of your prayers mean alot.  Please do not be offended if we do not respond to each email, particularly those asking how he/we are doing. Though we have a limited ability to respond during this difficult time, it is touching beyond words that so many have come to know and care for Moishe so personally.

Behold Your God Israel

Please be praying for the next BYG Israel campaign, which we hope to be able to report on very soon. Pray for fruitful ministry, and spiritual and physical stamina for those involved. And please also pray that God will even turn around those things our opposition may do in attempts to thwart us, that His own purposes will yet be served.

Goodbye, Liberated Wailing Wall, hello… ?

This month, our mobile evangelistic team known as the Liberated Wailing Wall finished their world tour—mazel tov! Team leader Shaun Buchhalter, already a missionary with Jews for Jesus before the tour, returns to our New York branch with his wife, Crystal. Other team members will go on with their various pursuits with our thanks and gratitude for a job well done.

The next team is already “in the wings” and ready to begin training but… not as the Liberated Wailing Wall! That’s right, there are changes afoot with the music ministry of Jews for Jesus.

Aaron Abramson, our minister-at-large, himself a musician, explains, “This past January, a group of us gathered around a large meeting table to discuss the future of music ministry in Jews for Jesus. We were interested in revitalizing Jews for Jesus’ music ministry for the new emerging Jewish culture.”

We are very excited about the details of the new team, and a new direction for our music ministry.  We need you to be praying with us for the future of this very important area of our creative communications.


Last month we reported that we’d launched our first Israeli Massah team as seven Israeli believers in Jesus went to Nepal to celebrate Passover and share the gospel with Israeli backpackers. After the two week outreach, a couple of members of the team stayed on in Nepal as planned, continuing to minister in anticipation of this year’s arrival of Massahniks, first in Israel, then on to India. Click here for more.

Here are a couple of brief updates from Josh, one of the Israeli Massahniks:

April 15

“Well yesterday we got back from a three-day rafting trip. I must say it was a great experience! We decided to go on the trip at the last moment. We heard from Adi and one or two friends we met in Kathmandu that they were going on the trip, so we decided it would be a good opportunity to meet even more Israelis, and boy were we right!

“We met about 25 Israelis, all great people; we got really close to some of them, and had great talks with a few. Please pray for Or; she had a lot of questions about the faith that I was glad to answer; I hope she comes to know the Lord one day.

“One of the greatest things about the rafting was that many of the people we met are going to be in India when we are. We made good friendships with them and planned to meet with them [again] in India.”

May 11

“We had a two-week break from the Massah program. The purpose of these two weeks was to relax before going to India. We spent the time in Thailand, but soon enough found out that we can’t take a break from doing the Lord’s work! We had great opportunities to talk to people about the Lord—amazing talks—and at the same time enjoyed the beauty of the Thai beaches. We really enjoyed every moment.

“After a few days in Thailand, we met a Messianic friend of ours, Ariella. We joined together and spent the whole time in Thailand with her. She is a powerful believer and has a great heart for talking to Israelis about the Lord. After praying about it, she felt God put on her heart to come with us to India for a few weeks of Massah.

“Today, our last day in Thailand, Yossi and Ariella and I took the day to fast and pray before leaving for India. We felt like we really needed to get into the mindset of evangelizing there. It was time well spent.”

Please be in prayer for this year’s Massah team, and that God will bless their journey as they share their lives and their Lord with the Israeli trekkers they will meet!

Witnessing Helps

Do you have a Jewish friend who loves to cook?  How about a Jewish friend who loves to eat?  Either way, we have a terrific story of a Jewish chef who believes in Jesus.

The article is from our current edition of ISSUES, a free publication for Jewish seekers.  Click here if you would like us to offer a free subscription to your Jewish friend.


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