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Behold Your God Israel

Our third of twelve Behold Your God Israel campaigns is going on right now and we REALLY need your prayers. At this point we have received contact information for 304 seekers who want to know more, we have handed out seven Jewish people and one Gentile to receive the Lord.

The opposition has been stiff to say the least, but we are also seeing some open hearts. For example, Miriam, who is heading up our follow-up, reports,

“A man who received one of our tracts called with many questions. I was able to explain to him the entire gospel and he was so open he simply wanted to hear more and more. I asked him if wanted to have Yeshua in his heart. He agreed and in a prayer over the phone he confessed his sins and his need for Yeshua. After I prayed for him he still had many questions. He told me he was from Jerusalem and in a Yeshiva, (an Orthodox school for the very religious). He was afraid to give me all his details and wondered how he might receive the Scriptures without others finding him out. I assured him that he could call daily and someone would be available to read and discuss the Bible with him. Please pray for Isaac.”

See photos and read more reports that will help you pray for us.


Branch leader Bob Mendelsohn reports, “Once again, our little team of evangelists took the gospel to a place where it is often overlooked: the New Age Festival in Sydney. Thousands of tourists and locals come to learn about auras, gems and crystals; they come to have their bodies massaged and tattooed, and they come to have their palms read. So in the midst of all the spiritual darkness, we took a stall where we could pray with people, offer them Bible readings and we also had questionnaires for people to fill out. People kept stopping to ask us questions, to learn, to receive prayer and in some cases, to
encounter Jesus. At the end of four days we had contact information for 90 Gentiles and 8 Jews wanting more information. We had prayed with almost all of them for one thing or another, and four Gentiles
also prayed with us to receive salvation. It was amazing.
The team was weary but well rewarded by the Lord.”

Also from Australia, we are happy to announce the birth of Kezia Bennett to Ed and Sharon Bennett on May 2. Ed handles church relations and schedules our missionaries’ speaking engagements.
Kezia came into the world at 8 pounds, 4 ounces.

Los Angeles

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You might recall praying for a good resolution of our court case involving the false arrest of one of our missionaries, Cyril Gordon, at the Israel Independence Day Festival several years ago. As mentioned in the December 2008 edition of RealTime, we won the case and the right to exercise free speech at the festival with a permanent injunction signed by the judge.

This year, the police assigned personal guards to Cyril (he refers to them as “my guardian Angels”) who shadowed him throughout the day and discouraged some of the anti-missionaries who were trying to take our literature away from people who had received it.

Ten volunteers and seven Jews for Jesus staff raised a story for Yeshua at this festival. We greeted thousands of Jewish people attending this event with smiles, broadsides (gospel tracts) and placards featuring slogans like: “Think For Yourself” and “Truth Before Tradition.” We even had one written in Hebrew that highlighted Jesus’s real Hebrew name, utilizing the same slogan we’re using for our Israel Behold Your God campaigns. In addition, we sponsored an airplane to fly over the event for several hours with a huge banner with Hebrew lettering that read: “Hear oh Israel, heed these words. Jesus is the Messiah. Moses and the Prophets write about Him.”

Please pray that the seeds sown at this event would bear much fruit for God’s glory.

The Liberated Wailing Wall

The next Liberated Wailing Wall (our mobile, evangelistic music and drama team) begins training mid-January 2010 and will be ministering “on the road” through April 2011.

We’re now accepting applications from musical Jewish believers in Jesus (who can sing and preferably play an instrument) between the ages of 18-39 to be part of this exciting team. We’re especially looking for a skilled pianist! We are also looking for a qualified bus driver/sound engineer (who does not need to be from a Jewish background). You can learn more about the Liberated Wailing Wall here.

If you or someone you know is qualified for this team, please contact: Jeff Millenson, Director of Music or 415-864-2600, ext. 151, or fill out our contact form. In any case, please pray for God to gather just the right group of people to serve Him in this unique way.


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