RealTime May 2009

How Much Does Pentecost?*
May 1, 2009

Pentecost. Is it a denomination? A supernatural experience? A date on a liturgical church calendar? Perhaps it is the surname of a beloved Bible scholar? Actually, Pentecost is first and foremost one of the most important and least appreciated Jewish festivals in the...

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Jewish Facts of Life

David Brickner already mentioned the biblical feast of Shavuot coming up in a couple of weeks. We’ve got lots more on the feast of Pentecost, including articles, recipes and free music you can download by clicking...

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Jews for Jesus News

Behold Your God Israel Our third of twelve Behold Your God Israel campaigns is going on right now and we REALLY need your prayers. At this point we have received contact information for 304 seekers who want to know more, we have handed out seven Jewish people and one...

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Behold Your God Israel

We hope these photos and stories encourage you and remind you to pray for our staff and volunteers currently campaigning in Israel. (We’ll mention which region at a later date.)¬† Pray as campaigners engage people in conversations, and pray that people who allow...

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Thank You For Praying

Rob Wertheim reports, You might recall that I was arrested in April, 2008 while distributing gospel tracts on public property (City College of San Francisco). The charge was trespassing. Our attorney attempted to reach the campus authorities to discuss the situation...

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Sneak Peek
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Our June print newsletter will feature a cover article by Moishe Rosen titled Adversity Brings Opportunity”; an article about hope titled “HaTikvah” by Avi Snyder; Promises of Hope in the Old and New Testament; a brief article about the Yarmulke...

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