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Yeshu = Y’shua = Y’shuah
Most people call him Yeshu.
But his real name is Y’shua
and he offers you security that
no one can take away from you.

The results of a first of its kind opinion poll on Israeli attitudes toward Yeshu (Y’shua) were released. This fascinating survey was conducted by well-known opinion pollsters, Marketing 21st Century Ltd. It included questions such as, “What is the meaning of the name Yeshu?” and “What is the central message of Yeshu?”. The answers to these and 18 other questions were shocking. The answers point out the need for the explanations below.


Have you ever met a person named “Yeshu”? No? Do you know why? It’s very simple… there is no such name!

Yeshu is an acronym for Yimmach Shemo Ve-zikro. Some medieval rabbis saw Jesus as a deceiver, even a sorcerer – and decided to corrupt his real name. This “curse” rolled down through history and became the name in which He is known in our Land.

Most of us do not even realize Yeshu is a nickname of shame/dishonor/disgrace for Y’shua Ha Notzri. The public opinion poll showed that only 2% of Israelis know that Yeshu is actually a curse. The truth is, most people don’t really care about the meaning of the name Yeshu, or the person Y’shua. But that’s because they know so little about him.



In the same opinion poll, only 8% of the respondents knew that Y’shua is the name of the Messiah known around the world. Most had no idea who he is or why he came. Quite frankly, our own prophets would have demonstrated a much wider knowledge if they had taken the opinion poll. They wrote about the coming of the Messiah hundreds of years before Y’shua walked the earth, and they would have seen that he fit the description of the Messiah perfectly.

Daniel told of one who would come before the destruction of the Second Temple (Daniel 9:26); Micah said he would be born in Beit Lechem (Micah 5:1); Isaiah wrote that Messiah would die as a sacrifice for us (Isaiah 53:6) and King David said he would rise from the dead (Psalm 16:10,11).



So if Y’shua is the name of the one many Gentiles and some Jews think is the Messiah, what does that say about our own way to salvation? The record of Yeshua’s birth tells how an angel appeared to announce His coming and to explain His name:
“And you are to give him the name Y’shua because he came to save his people from their sin.”

His real name – Y’shua – reveals the truth. He came to be the Y’shuah for everyone, but first and foremost for us Jews. Maybe words like salvation and sin sound old and irrelevant. But sin is still a real problem today. It’s our inability to be the kind of people we know we should be. We all need to be rescued from our own pride, selfishness and even our fears and insecurities. The issue that disturbs us more then anything else in our daily life is the issue of security. (Study/check out the opinion results and pay attention the notable percentages.)

That’s exactly why Y’shua came. He offers us a secure today, tomorrow and the next day too. He brings forgiveness, purpose and peace that no one can take away from us.

Yeshua said: “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”

But we wouldn’t expect you to believe everything we say here. Ask your Creator if it’s true, or read the relevant prophecies from the Tenach with commentaries from rabbis and others. To make the reading convenient, we organized those prophecies for you in the book “Y’shua.” Why don’t you read and check if it makes sense?


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